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Edmonds College: Going back to the basics


Last updated 8/25/2022 at 10:52am

Daphne Xia

Edmonds College President Amit Singh speaks during a board of trustees meeting.

During a recent board of trustees meeting, Edmonds College President Amit Singh spoke about the school's priorities, with "success" and "access" the two most important as he stressed "going back to the basics."

The fall quarter begins Sept. 19 and continues through Dec. 9.

In addition, four more goals were discussed: community engagement, capacity and operational excellence, entrepreneurial hub, and "anytime, anywhere."

Access and anytime, anywhere: These are goals that focus on providing access for students. The first entails increasing access to the college experience through outreach and marketing, high-quality academic programs, clear pathways, and student-centered course scheduling.

The latter expresses Edmonds College's "commitment to enhancing academics and delivering personalized attention at mass scale."

Entrepreneurial hub: This targets access as well, in which the college attempts to creates access and opportunity through an entrepreneurship hub to "generate synergies among the business community," racially diverse and immigrant communities, and the campus community.

There's No Place Like Local

Success: This concerns creating experiences that can guide students to a path to success, to keep them on that path, and to make sure they complete the path and accomplish their goals.

Community engagement: This aims to build relationships with community and industry partners to strengthen Edmonds' presence in Snohomish County so Edmonds College can better serve its community.

Capacity and operational excellence: This attempts to "build institutional, individual, and professional capacity for excellence" by focusing on "identified leadership competencies."

During his speech, Singh mentioned ctcLink, the college's new, centralized system to give students, faculty, and staff access to conducting college business.

One particular area Singh emphasized was advising.

"Advising is extremely important," he said. "Anything outside teaching and learning, the next most important thing is advising for students."


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