Streateries extended 4 months; restaurants must pay flat fee of $4,000

Shubert Ho: 'It wasn't the compromise that streatery participants and merchants agreed on, but something is better than nothing'


Last updated 12/21/2021 at 11:03am

Brian Soergel

The streateries at Rusty Pelican and Santa Fe Mexican Grill & Cantina on Fifth Avenue North in Edmonds.

The streateries will continue for 4 more months.

Voting yes: Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Laura Johnson, Susan Paine, Kristiana Johnson, and Will Chen

Voting no: Diane Buckshnis and Vivian Olson (they wanted the streateries to end by end of the year).

The City of Edmonds pushed for the 6-month extension and Mayor Mike Nelson supported it as well.

The main motion – a 6-month extension with no fee – was amended by Councilmember Will Chen. (Approving Chen's amendment were Chen, Buckshnis, Kristiana Johnson, Vivian Olson.)

That means the 17 restaurants that currently utilize streateries will h...

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Reader Comments(1)

Deborah Arthur writes:

About all I can say right now is I am very disappointed by this vote and now continued stress for the majority of citizens not living in the Bowl area. I am angry right now so hesitate to say much. I will take the time to cool down and respond with more tomorrow. Thank you Edmonds Beacon. I think you are great!! I received my invoice today and thank you for doing it by mail. I am going to go with the full year this time as I expect you need it. Maybe not I don't know ha. I don't know much about who owns and runs everything. I didn't know I would need to...But I am here and I am able to see news because of you and that means way more to me than your very reasonable charge. So nighty night. Deb.


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