Bike lanes approved for Edmonds

Will Chen casts decisive vote at 100th/SR 104


Last updated 12/6/2021 at 9:45am

Brian Soergel

Former Councilmember Luke Distelhorst, a big supporter of bike lanes, rides his bike west on Bowdoin Way, where bike lanes will be added to both sides of the street.

Bicycle riders – both of the pedal and electric variety – will find getting around Edmonds a little easier next year as the City Council last week approved the final stages of planning a bike lane project.

With the design phase scheduled to be...

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Reader Comments(2)

Cara Diehl writes:

This is great news. I've recently moved to Edmonds and plan on getting a bike so as to reduce the need to drive around town only when necessary. The argument that there aren't enough bike riders in Edmonds to warrant bike lines is spurious, we need to envision a future that encourages alternative forms of transit and hopefully this helps others to consider biking.

Deborah Arthur writes:

On 80th Ave W 5 days ago driving N from 220th I came upon a non english speaking woman and her strollered infant and 9 year old boy were walking down the middle of the street due to the condition of those sidewalks. Cars were zipping S and behind me. I was scared for the woman so I pulled into opposite lane stopped the traffic and her son translated for me. I was very very nice and told them I was worried about them as cars go fast here now. She responded and smiled and moved to the sidewalk. I then when sure they were safe came home. You still think Bike Lanes are more important than people...I don't. I also think the statement that this will make people drive Bikes and motorized trikes in the rain or without to Bike instead of drive HERE. No it won't and they are right I never see Bikes up here. Never...Yet this is what we spent for a very few percentage wise bicycle enthusiasts. I am offended and also offended for this very sweet woman and her children. Pitiful...


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