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Connector, mucking up the waterfront | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 5/24/2019 at Noon

Dismissal of Waterfront Connector concerns are arrogant

Actually, Edmonds citizens’ opinions and desires for their city can never be superfluous (“Second-guessing Waterfront Connector is superfluous,” Guest View, May 9).

That word … I do not think it means what you think it means.

And Phil Lovell, your dismissiveness for our concern and care for our precious jewel of a beach is certainly arrogant and disdainful.

This has never been put to a citizen vote, and we have every right to be concerned about the placement of this structure on one of Puget Sound’s most beautiful beaches.

There are other options available to us, and I think the City’s tone deafness on this, and refusal to consider other choices, such as putting it near Dayton (closer to the future ferry terminal), is exceeding irresponsible.

As my mother used to say: “Do it right, or don’t do it at all.”

Denise Palugyay Alvarado Edmonds

Mayor, councilmember: Stop mucking up the Edmonds waterfront

Superfluous? Misperception? My left foot!

The public is not supportive of the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector project. I disagree that it represents a “much-needed, long-term infrastructure improvement for our city.”

I’m very disappointed in the mayor and councilmembers, past and present. They are not being good stewards of our money. $27 million is a steep price for the possibility of an accident.

Ferry traffic will have to wait for the trains to pass. What’s the problem in that? To take over Brackett’s Landing with a stupid road up to Sunset Avenue is beyond belief.

Oh, wait, Sunset Avenue has already been destroyed.

Remember when the majority of the public didn’t want that change either? We were told we just didn’t understand the concept. So a sidewalk was painted in the road along with a bike lane and parking in the middle of the street, and no parking at the north end. Who has benefited from this?

Now we are once again faced with being told we just don’t understand. If a person keeps building and playing (such as divers at the underwater park) on “the wrong side of the tracks,” that’s a choice made.

Accidents happen continually on air and land and sea. And some day we are all going to be on the wrong side of the tracks.

Stop mucking up the waterfront.

Annette Border Edmonds

Our Notre Dame: Regional wildlife

Second only to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame was the most iconic structure in France.

The French people, and the philanthropists rallying to rebuild it, are not responding to the loss of a building; they are responding to the loss of their cultural pride and identity.

When seeking a parallel in Washington state,what comes to mind after the Space Needle, our Eiffel Tower?

One need look no further than the natural beauty of our many waterways and the animals that inhabit them to conclude that our state identity – our culture – rests and manifests in regional wildlife such as salmon and orcas.

Their demise, made poignant with the 17-day carriage of her dead calf by orca mother J35, is most directly tied to food scarcity. Through processes such as overfishing, manmade obstacles and interferences, and unsustainable transportation and agricultural practices, we are responsible for the perilous circumstances and grave danger in which both species exist.

Will we respond to the call to restore our cultural identity in Washington state as the French committed to restoring theirs? Will we show up with our dollars, our changed habits and our volunteer hours to turn the tide on survival?

Shoreline just made this commitment. It’s our turn, Edmonds.

Let’s start by flooding the Edmonds Parks Department with tax-deductible checks (memo “Marsh Restoration Fund-017”) to expedite the daylighting of Willow Creek, a project scientists foresee making a significant impact on the salmon population.

And when you are making your choices about weed control and car washing this weekend, think about the salmon living in the waters that receive runoff from your yard.

Our Notre Dame is burning.

Will you choose to rebuild?

Vivian Olson Edmonds

Editor’s note: Vivian Olson is a candidate for Edmonds City Council.


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