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Mike Nelson: ‘Let us take a path where we can join together’


Last updated 4/18/2019 at Noon

Mike Nelson

Editor’s note: Because we featured mayoral candidate Neil Tibbott in the April 18 edition of the Edmonds Beacon, we wanted to give another mayoral candidate, City Councilmember Mike Nelson, equal time. The following is the text of his kickoff speech in February.

We live in a special place. We have great places to eat, to shop, to gather. Lovely parks for our children to play in, the natural splendor of our beaches and the Puget Sound.

We have a strong arts community that enriches our souls and neighborhood schools where every child is loved. We generously support our local charities and foundations. And we have the best little league teams in the entire state.

We are filled with institutions of faith spreading love, tolerance, and supporting those in need. And yet, there are challenges we still face as a city.

I want to share with you another side of Edmonds that needs our help. Roads with no place safe for seniors and families to walk. Homes that our children will never be able to afford to own. One of the last remaining salt water marshes that our salmon cannot access.

A workforce where 8 out every 10 of our citizens commute outside our city. Firefighters and paramedics that cannot respond to our emergencies in time because their funding was cut.

Schools practicing with our babies on how to prepare for an active shooter. New buildings built to look like little boxes where they all look the same. Seniors who worked their whole life paying into a system that does not cover their rising cost of living.

Parents paying for childcare that costs more than their mortgage.

I believe we can do better.

I believe a city's true richness is not measured in how great are its buildings but how loved are its people. It's time our city prioritizes our citizens. I believe we need a new path. Where every street has a safe place for pedestrians to walk.

Every school is a place for educating our future. Every energy source we use helps our climate.

A path free of pollution that leads salmon to our marsh and up our creeks. A path that leads to homes on a revitalized Hwy 99 that is no longer a safe haven for drugs and crime.

A new community center where our young and old gather. New businesses that create more jobs, less traffic, and more time with our families.

Families no longer burdened with the cost of child care. Seniors staying here because they can afford to. And a city government who strives to lift us all up.

So how do we get there?

By prioritizing public investments. I believe the best return on investment is when we invest in our people.

  • Senior citizens property tax relief
  • Small business incentives
  • Child care tax cuts
  • Public safety enhancements
  • Public/private partnerships

These are all things that lift people up, creating a foundation based on community involvement and investment. The foundation is us.

My friends, I want to conclude tonight by sharing with you one final thought: Let us not take the path filled with fear and blazed by those who seek to divide us.

Let us take a path where we can join together. A path where we look out for one another.

Sure, there will be bumps and obstacles along the way. But they aren’t going to stop us. I hope you will join me on this new path, that lifts us all up.



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