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March 22, 2019

Tuesday was our warmest winter day on record. Ever! Perhaps it’s easier to think of gratitude when the sun is shining – though I also enjoy clouds and rain and the rare snow in Edmonds.

But days in the 70s in March? Almost everyone I encountered today was smiling. I’m always thankful for people smiling. But I’ve been thinking about thankfulness that goes way beyond smiles.

I am thankful for community-minded people who choose to run for positions in local government, those who vote, those who work to better the conditions of the homeless and suffering.

I am thankful for those in churches and organizations that affirm, respect, and listen to one another whether in agreement or dissension. I am thankful for all who speak up when they hear racial or ethnic slurs or witness a child or animal being mistreated.

I am thankful for those who work for peace, at home and abroad. I’m thankful for those who show humility and humor and who encourage and support others. I am thankful for different gifts within different individuals. I am thankful for those who operate local businesses, providing friendly personal service and quality products here in Edmonds.

I am thankful for medical care – for doctors, nurses, support staff and pharmacists – who do their best to diminish anxiety, while helping and healing.

I am thankful for a nearby hospital, where I have received exemplary care. I am thankful for parents who choose, sometimes despite their own fears and convictions, to vaccinate their children for the greater good.

I am thankful for those who teach, dedicated to the present and future of students, and for those who provide quality day care, so small children of employed parents can flourish in safe, nurturing environments.

I am thankful for people who recognize that different individuals and families live different lifestyles and that differences and diversity enhance opportunities for community.

I am thankful for trained and dedicated first responders and for selfless citizens who step forward to assist helpless victims. I am thankful for individuals and groups who fight drug abuse and drunk driving.

I am thankful for parents who require all cellphones to be off during family mealtimes – and at bedtime. They are raising healthier kids and building stronger families.

I am thankful for Sno-King Chorale and its spectacular “Changing Seasons” concert Saturday. Their next concert is June 8.

I am thankful for the Edmonds Center for the Arts and its broad variety of performances.

I am thankful for the Edmonds Theater – the Princess Theater of my childhood.

I am, as always, thankful for the Edmonds Food Bank at the Edmonds United Methodist Church. The food bank is in great need of volunteer drivers, as advertised in the Beacon. If you join that team, you’ll feel richly rewarded for a few hours of transporting food weekly in food bank vehicles.

Are you retired or have some free time and are not sure what you want to do for your community? Do you have a clean driving record, and can you lift 40 pounds? Try this important volunteer position! Call or email Casey at 425-778-5833 (edmondsfoodbank.org) for details.

Other food bank needs: Oatmeal. Sizes four, five, and six diapers. Baby wipes. Also, my cat Mocha reminds me that fewer people donate cat food than dog food. She says, “Please give cat food!”

I am thankful, too, for my readers, who make “Home Again” a pleasure to write.


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