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Drug epidemic, Wine Walk, idle thoughts | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 9/5/2018 at Noon

Support and blame for the drug epidemic

Re: “Let’s connect the dots on drug epidemic,” Letters to the Editor, Aug.16:

The drugs flooding our country are being imported by sophisticated gangs. They employ corrupt customs officials, border guards and mules (individuals) that hold American passports.

They do not need to use asylum-seeking refugees fleeing from persecution in their country. To vilify refugees as the cause of the drug epidemic reeks of fear-mongering.

ICE does not need to be abolished, but their methods of persecuting refugees should be scrutinized.

According to international law, every country has to grant a person seeking asylum a hearing once they set foot on the country’s soil.

ICE intercepts persons that attempt to enter the legal way and sends them back. That is a crime.

So how can the availability of drugs in this country be stopped?

The loss of a young life to drug overdose is an unceasing nightmare. We must stop blaming each other and together find solutions that will result in at least slowing down this epidemic

Let’s financially support our local and state law enforcement. Give them the means to arrest and convict drug dealers.

And hold the rehabilitation institutions accountable for the success or failure of their business models.

Renate M. Haberpointner Edmonds

Wine Walk success will support new murals in Edmonds

What a success!

The 2018 Edmonds Wine Walks are now in the books, and we blew away last year both in terms of attendance and money raised to support Art Walk Edmonds and the arts in Edmonds.

The Art Walk Edmonds’ board of directors would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended, sponsored and volunteered for their commitment to making these events so successful.

Art Walk Edmonds depends on these fundraisers to continue our work through the year supporting local artists, downtown merchants and the community of Edmonds through our monthly art walks held the third Thursday of every month from 5-8 p.m.

A significant portion of what we earn will go towards installing new murals in Edmonds, as well. Your generous support helped to make the wine walks our most rewarding fundraisers to date.

All attendees had a fun and festive time sampling wine and supporting the arts in Edmonds. That was, in no small part, due to our volunteers. We are especially grateful for the participation of the Edmonds Coldwell Banker Bain office.

Coldwell Banker not only served as a center of operations, check-in, sip stop and pop-up wine shop for the wine walks, but also generously donated printing and volunteers. At one point during the last wine walk, it was noted that other than the event promoter and Art Walk Edmonds board members, all the volunteers present were from Coldwell Banker Bain Edmonds!

Coldwell Banker Bain has been supportive of Art Walk Edmonds throughout the years in other immeasurable ways: graciously providing meeting rooms, storage and printing support, among other things – always with a smile!

Thank you also to our other sponsors for the Wine Walk events: Adam Cobb at Windermere Real Estate Edmonds, who sponsored the wine glasses; Samantha Denson at Windermere Real Estate Edmonds, who sponsored the wine tote bags; Affinity Contemporary Dentistry; Ombu Salon + Spa; and Cole Gallery.

As a small nonprofit with a small budget, our relationship with everyone else who supports us through sponsorships or donations is vital to Art Walk Edmonds’ mission. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Rachel Dobbins The Art Walk Edmonds Team

An end to idle thoughts?

For every hour you idle in your car you send half a gallon of gallon out into the atmosphere. That amounts to 10 pounds of carbon dioxide every week, according to a Verizon commercial.

Where are the new NO IDLE ZONE signs for Sunset Avenue?

Why is the Edmonds City Council doing nothing?

Glenn Steinberg Edmonds

Public Works Director Phil Williams responds: Mr. Steinberg – the City did install three no-idling signs on Sunset Avenue in March of this year after previous e-mails from you requesting that we do so.

These signs are placed in accordance with Resolution 1191. They are installed on the east side of the street facing traffic.

They were not placed on the west side for two reasons: 1) The west side is already quite saturated with signs that interfere with views of the water by pedestrians and automobiles and, 2) Signs on the west side are already separated from the edge of the parking stalls by the 8 foot to 10 foot width of the developed walkway, so there is not that much difference between having them on one side or the other.

As far as enforcement is concerned, Resolution 1191 is just that – a resolution of intent. It does not create an opportunity for issuance of citations, i.e., it is not a law (ordinance).

Seriously, is the end near?

The Edmonds council is probably preoccupied attempting to plan on how to accommodate the certain migration of homelessness/drug addicts expanding to the Edmonds shores due to the pathetic leadership of the Seattle City Council.

Shame on you, Edmonds Council dismembers.

Put up the “no idling” signs ASAP – at least show us you can do something!

Ross Wigney Edmonds


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