Letter | Neighborhood fireworks: A most un-neighborly act


I am struck by the selfishness of those who insist on using fireworks and other explosive devices in their neighborhoods. Despite the fact that it is illegal in Edmonds, the past several days have been filled with thunderous booms, crackles, and smoke.

Saturday night around 10:45, we were awakened by a sonic boom that came from within a block of our house. After a long day of travel, my husband had just returned from a month in Florida, where he had been caring for his father in the aftermath of a stroke.

The boom that shook our windows was the welcome that someone in our neighborhood had for him.

Two years ago, a friend's 50-year-old husband lost his eye to fireworks on the Fourth. At his neighborhood gathering, in front of his children and the neighbors, fireworks exploded in his face.

Such a hard lesson for him and everyone who witnessed it.

When you purchase and detonate fireworks in the presence of children, you teach them that it is OK to break the law and to engage in something dangerous – and that there is nothing wrong with holding your neighbors captive to loud noise and debris, regardless of the hour.

Last year on the Fourth, I was recovering from a brain injury and was exquisitely sensitive to sound. Needless to say, every boom and explosion made my head hurt in a way I had never experienced before.

There was nothing I could do to escape the noise that permeated my otherwise quiet home. If we stop for a minute, it isn't difficult to imagine that there are those in our neighborhood who are vulnerable to the loud noises of fireworks, such as the elderly, small children, those who are ill or recovering from surgery or those with a history of trauma.

To those who willfully discharge illegal fireworks in our neighborhoods, your behavior is a most un-neighborly act. When you light fireworks, you are in essence telling your neighbors that your need for a thrill far outweighs their need to live in peace and safety.

It is my hope that every Edmonds resident will show respect for the health and safety of everyone by not purchasing or detonating fireworks in their neighborhood EVER. Let's make Edmonds a place where people show the upmost of respect and regard for their neighbors.

Sandra Christensen Edmonds


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