Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Edmonds Automotive has new owners; renovation underway

Chaz Verrall sells business after 35 years


A downtown Edmonds institution, Edmonds Automotive Service, is undergoing renovation after Chaz Verrall – who owned the Third Avenue North business for 35 years – sold it to Greg and Susie Wright.

“He’s been trying to sell for a few years and got serious the last couple,” said Greg Wright, who said Verrall is moving to Arizona to be closer to family and indulge in his love of aviation.

Edmonds Automotive is known for – among other things – its friendly service, long waits for appointments, and employees in white coveralls.

“We want to keep the charm that Edmonds Automotive offers,” Wright said. “We don’t want to lose the shop’s DNA – and a lot of it was in Chaz’s head.”

On Monday, Wright said he plans to open in about 90 days. “It’s been here 53 years, and it’s worn out.” 

He plans to apply new paint, replace worn-out lifts, add LED lights, purchase the latest tools, and update the shop’s digital systems. 

Wright is a Woodway resident who owned RAM Technologies in Mukilteo for 32 years, where he oversaw more than 100 employees. He sold it three years ago.

Wright and Verrall have known each other for 15 years.

“We’ve had plenty of discussions on how to run a business and how you take care of people first,” Wright said. “And then we also fix automobiles. Caring for people is a big piece for growing our team and growing trust in the community.”

When Verrall offered to sell the shop to him, Wright said yes. “I'm kind of a car guy. I have old trucks, and I like restoring them. I know my way around automobiles, so we started talking to get real serious about it, and we were able to put the deal together. We just closed 10 days ago.

“I know we have big shoes to fill. I understand the DNA and know what the community needs. Our aim is to fulfill that. I'm trying to carry on Chaz’s legacy.”

Wright had praise for Edmonds Automotive’s employees. “The guys can get work pretty quickly because they have really top talent. I'm really hoping I can bring it back to the table. Everything about the transition made sense for us to close now. Chaz agreed with that, and he supported it. 

“Truth be told, most of the magic was between Chaz’s ears. He knew and could remember your car and that kind of thing. But that’s hard to pass on. It’s old school, and I think that's kind of the charm. We’re going to try to capture the vintage vibe but bring it up to the current standards. New cars are getting more sophisticated, and we’ll take care of that while keeping the legacy and feel."

Wright said he’s excited, but a bit nervous.

“I know we have big shoes to feel, as I said, but he and I have been going round and round to make sure we get the DNA right.”

Edmonds Automotive Service


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