By Neely Stratton
For the Beacon 

Amazon Go: More like a convenience Whole Foods than ampm or 7-Eleven

Yes, there are indeed real people inside


Last updated 5/17/2022 at 7:08pm

Neely Stratton

Amazon Go in Mill Creek. Is it worth the trip? Beacon reporter Neely Stratton checks in.

After visiting the new Amazon Go in Mill Creek – the first in Snohomish County – I was pleasantly surprised by how seamless and easy the experience was.

I already had a Prime account and the free Amazon Shopping application on my Samsung 9 pho...

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Reader Comments(1)

Deborah Arthur writes:

I think this sounds nice for those who have that type of phone etc. I am cash pay or check pay person so for me they won't work but for others they will. Not all of us are into these ways of paying and all of the voice and face recognition etc. I don't want to have to shop online and take money away from our town. But if our town stops taking my local checks and cash I will have to go to a town that will. And I will be forced to do online shopping. I too have Amazon and Amazon Prime but I like to pick out my own food and I like to see my other things, except mainly craft items in person, if possible. Trying to support you Edmonds. Many do not have those square apps that you press against the TV or what ever. I don't and I hope never to be forced to. Identity theft is rampant this is just one more way in my opinions to make it worse. Think about it. A computer crash or downed satillite sp sorry. Means no service to those phones. Do wat you wish. keep our cash or we will be sorry.


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