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Last updated 3/4/2022 at 6:15pm

It's time to annex Esperance

I am a resident in Esperance in unincorporated Snohomish County. I would like the City of Edmonds to annex us.

My two main reasons are for police response time and legal representation. As it is currently, only the Sn...

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Reader Comments(3)

Heather Swerk writes:

A drag queen is not 'adult entertainment' any more than a lounge singer is or a band playing at a bar or a stand up comedian. This letter simply highlights your homophobia. I heard it was a fabulous time and gladly will support many more drag shows coming to Edmonds. We call ourselves a community that is welcoming of all forms of art and drag is absolutely included. Honestly this is just one more letter to the editor that has me questioning my subscription to the Beacon. It seems that the only letters printed (maybe the only ones who write in) are the same few, complaining and highlighting that their privilege, I mean opinion, is the only one that matters.

Deborah Arthur writes:

I also think that the performance in Edmonds was not a striping situation. I didn't see it but I do not think it was lewd and what I did see i saw more of on the polar plunge day. I didn't care. And I do not care if we have fun for all here. People seemed to really enjoy it from what I heard. I was planning to go next time.

Deborah Arthur writes:

I agree with everything you said. I do not live in Esperence but it sure sounds fair and like a very NICE idea to me. It can and has been dangerous there and needs police protection very much so. I like the park idea too and I am not too happy hearing it has been let go to trash and no concern to Edmonds apparently. Sorry but this seems to be the case. I think this should be considered and approved by our council and in spirit all of our residents of Edmonds. Welcome Esperence from me anyway.


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