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Last updated 1/6/2022 at 9:09am

Support our community by speaking up against the application for the 24-unit apartment building at 605 and 611 Main Street with only one parking stall per unit.

Many have already let their feelings known Jan. 4 at the City Council meeting and Jan. 5 during the Board Zoom open house.

You can:

– E-mail the council at [email protected]

– E-mail Mayor Mike Nelson's assistant at [email protected]

– E-mail the Architectural Design Board at [email protected], and ask that your e-mail be put on record.

This is just the beginning of what our historic downtown and Edmonds will look like if this goes through. Do you want Main Street and others lined with a tunnel of these buildings? There will be eight businesses that will be displaced, many women-owned, by this apartment, providing no business space in our small business district.

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The developer even admitted on public record:

"Structures on the adjacent parcels do not support the intensity of development under the current zoning and comprehensive plan and are anticipated to eventually be replaced with higher-density development. The proposed project is seen as a guide for future redevelopment allowed and encouraged by the comprehensive plan."

The proposed apartment building is designed to go straight up, three stories tall, against the lot-line on the narrow alley between Main and Bell. The entire west side of our building (600 Bell) is along the back of this building on the alley.

All the buildings along the alley have setbacks to allow for extra cars and car/pedestrian access safety.

This development will have none of that and traffic will leak over onto our property setbacks. If you live on an alley or easement, this is potentially could be the "guide" to do it everywhere.

This proposed development is 14 feet from lot line to lot line and 23.5 feet from our condo to a straight up, three-story concrete wall, blocking all light, privacy and view. A zero-lot line design covering 99% of the lots with no open space.

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Is this the future buildings we want in Edmonds? Citizens have a say in this.

It is going to be located just a block over from the new Civic Park, and there is no parking provided there. Where will all the visitors park, and will that support our downtown commercial zone or take away even more access? We should ask these questions and more.

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There are also safety concerns:

– There is only a 12-foot, 2-inch entrance to the alley at Sixth, with poor visibility.

– No set-back, zero lot line, resulting in difficulty getting in and out of garages safely.

– Where will moving trucks or delivery vehicles park without blocking the alley?

– Is there adequate emergency vehicle access and parking?

– Increased traffic with a minimum 24 more vehicles entering and exiting a very cramped space.

– Department of Ecology wrote a letter with concerns about contamination at the site and runoff downhill.

The comprehensive plan says that "any growth or development should strive to preserve light, privacy and freedom from visual pollution." Not followed here.

Edmonds is uniquely called "The Gem of Puget Sound," and follows our existing comprehensive plan growth management goals. Mimicking Lynnwood or Ballard-style redevelopment is not in our goals, and it states: "While general decisions on how the region will grow are made collaboratively at a regional level, it is up to each community to determine how to implement this vision and the desired growth level at the local level."

We do have a choice – it is not inevitable. I hope our City Council is paying attention to this.

Once this goes through (legal or not), it can't be challenged or changed. Do we want this and future for-profit oversized development, to override the needs and wishes of the citizens of Edmonds?

This could be only just the beginning. It could happen to your neighborhood. This developer-driven focus on up zoning Edmonds for maximum profit vs a citizen-focused community vision to "maintain unique local character" is not consistent with the goals of our current comprehensive plan.

Please speak up as this is still only in the application phase, and it is not too late.


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