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Last updated 11/23/2021 at 10:34am

Maria A. Montalvo

Scratch Distillery has perfected the classics in Edmonds.

The tasting room at Scratch Distillery, first reviewed in January 2018, is still a bold and bright space, and serves as the perfect setting for the expanding repertoire of our very own local distillers, Kim and Bryan Karrick.

Indoor and outdoor seating are available to enjoy a selection of unique cocktails and a "tasting" menu of their spirits. Spirits, and gin especially, are developed from intricate combinations of botanicals added to a base spirit, and Scratch has perfected the classics, as well as versions with unique blends of herbs, fruits, and spices.

On this particular day, we ordered a Swedish Old Fashioned (made with aquavit and whiskey – so very good) and a Ballard Bridge, but there are always new and exciting drink recipes to try.

Go to Scratch for a fantastic cocktail in a beautiful, chill setting, but be sure to take home a bottle or two to share with friends and family.

Scratch Distillery is at 190 Sunset Ave. at Salish Crossing, and is open Thursday through Sunday afternoons and evenings, as well as for a number of special events. Check for tasting and distilling calendars and schedule for their enlightening and entertaining giniology classes.

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