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By Greg Babinski
Edmonds resident 

Edmonds is short-changed by Sound Transit | Guest View


Last updated 11/4/2021 at 10:02am

I agree with Kevin Oliver's letter published in the Oct. 28 Edmonds Beacon regarding the need for a direct transit connection to the new Northgate Link light rail station ("Direct connection to Northgate needed for Edmonds residents").

A regular,...

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Reader Comments(2)

Dana Twight writes:

Perhaps you heard the giant yes from my home when I first read this. I wish that I could take transit from Edmonds to light rail (reliably) and in time to catch an 8 am flight from SeaTac. Makes me wonder-is there good transit access from Edmonds (Uptown & the Bowl) to Paine Field? Sound Transit should be supportive of multi-modal transit and supporting people of all ages to eschew their POV's (privately owned vehicles) to make car-free connections on all 7 days of the week. Sound Transit has a System Access Fund but mostly for walkers,cyclists, and road projects. On to Community Transit! Their first choice showed the MN line getting me from Edmonds Amtrak to the airport by 7:56am. What about the 800 series routes to Northgate? (NS) The 810 gets you to NS by 9:40 am on weekdays. The 860 route will get you from 164th to NS by 6am. The 880 will get you from Swamp Creek to NS by 5:51 am. None of these will get you to the 1st flight out from SeaTac. Rideshares are not the answer.

Deborah Arthur writes:

The BNSF will probably go all the way to CA. Redding I think. Near Oakland. That is how it was working before. I had a friend who worked for Amtrak his run was from Portland to Seattle near our sports arenas there. I believe the BNSF RR will also use this rail for freight to help with all the things that come by boat. It will be different than now. But that doesn't mean bad. Just different. I won't be using busses to travel around in Edmonds myself. but I hope that those who do want to enjoy it. I am not going to Seattle until Seattle is Seattle ha. SO I will be driving East for shopping for big shopping trips. I do like the idea of shopping only locally but hey no parking garage, no parking places and a ton of rain... I just don't see it happening. I am sure you will have plenty though I hope.


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