Nix on unit-lot subdivision; council back to virtual meetings | City Briefs


Last updated 8/19/2021 at 8:59am

Council nixes unit-lot subdivision on Fifth Avenue South

City Council members on Tuesday denied a developer's request to allow unit lot subdivisions in the city's business district zones.

While this change would have applied to all the Downtown B...

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Reader Comments(1)

Deborah Arthur writes:

I am gonna give a slide to the city council for a short time. AS long as we allow all of this goings on here unmasked unvaxed and a menace to us all I feel a bit like you too can deal with it just as we who have done well for ourselves and fellow citizens. But we can't stop you from not allowing us to come and maybe it will set an example! I don't know. But I have a pretty good feeling this council is going to change...IF you want the council the way you want it then ya better get things stopped around the area, now. You can enforce this I believe. Chamber or no Chamber. Call the Governor... HE too knows we have to do something. King county is doing better as they were forced and fined the hell out of them...Then several were closed as they paid the fines. THey said no so HE closed em down. WE can do that here. I know it. SO lets make it easy and just stop the events until after Labor day or longer. Many will be in process for booster by October. This next 6 wks could be most important


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