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Last updated 4/15/2021 at 9:53am

In the years after his retirement and before he passed away, I noticed that my father had aged into a cliché.

He was always social, but he’d become garrulous, happy to engage in trivial conversations with perfect strangers even if they weren...

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Debra Arthur writes:

Well Chuck...I loved your story. Many people from other parts of the country are living here now. Many of them are from places who enjoy speaking with strangers who may even become friends...there is no better way to reach compromises, to learn about others ways than chatting a but. I know having lived here for 32 years that many Edmonds natives are not to eager to even smile when smiled at. I have learned that saying hello often gets you a look that says why are you speaking to me. No warmth. But I will press on, Chuck...as I believe if we truly want to be unique we need to learn others ways. If we want diversity same thing. Learn to get to know all of our citizens. Smile..say hi, open a door...I think its getting better but we have a long row to hoe. As they say where I grew up. Join me. Keep talking Chuck. I'll talk to you! And we will laugh, I promise. Let's be Unique Edmonds every where. 💘Deb.zebra


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