By Will Paulson
For the Beacon 

For Mika: Community works for inclusive playground at Civic Park


Last updated 5/30/2021 at 1:38pm

Zimbalist family

Mika Zimbalist

Washington state legislators have put in a $257,500 funding request for Mika's Playground,, an inclusive playground designed for children of all abilities, at the future redesigned Civic Park in Edmonds.

The playground woul...

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Reader Comments(2)

Debra Arthur writes:

I ran out of words. It is almost guaranteed that those who live in the Bowl area have more money...right. Also it's logical to assume their parents have Van's, for their handicapped kids, And last time I checked the state doesn't include a new van with ramps, lifts etc. for anyone, especially children for anything. So, again the Wealthy get the PARK...and the other citizens of Edmonds who are the majority get nothing as it isn't accessible for them. So, tell me how that is fair in any way what so ever. You can't because it isn't. I have repeatedly said, watch this entitled behavior because it is already biting you in the***. And that is not going to get better. Don't find out the hard way. Just learn about how to be diverse, and then walk that talk....and we will all unite here. I am fighting for this. I don't even have children so my only dog in this fight is the constant beautification of The Bowl...and leaving the rest of the city nothing. If you would just share! Please...teach.

Debra Arthur writes:

This is a very compelling post. I believe most decent people care very deeply about any child or adult with mental issues (sometimes Autism, it was mentioned.) And yes physical disabilities also children and adults. The fight and there will be is not the park idea itself elf. The problem is where EDMONDS wants to put the park. We have in the Bowl a park right on the Beach. We have the N end beaches to go to play and make sandcastles. I like the idea of putting this awesome Park, with rubber pellets (good idea) But It should be put in 5 corners area. Why? So every child with or without disabilities has a place to play. Children EAST of (up the hill) 9th on up...need a GOOD park too. They have no Beach, they have nothing. They also many have disabilities, no transportation to The Bowl, children can't ride their bicycles up or down this almost 1 mile very steep Main Street. Most people up here also can't walk that hill...up or down. So I say this park should be in a more accessible area


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