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Boutique hotels: Will they work for developers?

I applaud the decision by the Edmonds City Development Committee to allow boutique hotels in Edmonds ("'Boutique' hotels now allowed along Edmonds waterfront," March 4).

But the current "cost-benefit" rule of investment will cause any savvy investor to look elsewhere unless the building codes are changed to meet investors' demands.

Mike Meeks

Majority of residents will not like the Housing Commission policies

Citizens of Edmonds, this letter asks you to speak up against the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission's proposed policies to be presented to the mayor and City Council March 16

The proposal states it is based on citizen input. However, feedback from the Housing Commission survey showed strong opposition to many of their policy changes, i.e., 78% of residents surveyed were against any changes to single-family zoning.

We know growth is inevitable. It is how you strategically manage growth that matters, to protect the beauty and charm of Edmonds. Do you want single-family parcels to vanish and be taken over by multiplexes?

Look at what happened in Magnolia. If you are in a house next to a new multiplex, would you want to stay? Would you want it next door?

This is what the CHC is recommending to the City Council to approve, everywhere in Edmonds. The commission wants these new multifamily zoning codes to be the same throughout all of Edmonds, not by district or neighborhoods.

The commission states we are lacking "middle housing," but their rezoning efforts would actually decrease middle-housing, single-family residences. With very few empty parcels left, developers would be required to purchase single-family, one-house parcels.

They would demolish less expensive houses and replace them with more expensive housing units that will increase density in every neighborhood.

Developers will look to buy smaller and less expensive houses to redevelop into multiunit housing, which will actually create less affordable homes. How? They are not required to price their units or smaller homes at an "affordable price."

This is already happening where smaller, less expensive homes on a single parcel are being purchased and the developer builds four townhomes and prices them each at a higher price than what they paid for the single house.

The result of this policy change will be increased traffic and increased sales tax, making Edmonds the highest in the state, more vehicles parked on the streets, more noise, more pollution, less trees, open spaces and vegetation, more stormwater issues, and a city that will resemble Seattle, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

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It will promote increased density and the elimination of single-family neighborhoods in Edmonds in the name of "affordable" or "missing middle" housing. This proposed policy change will not resolve the issue of affordability, and will actually create more costly housing.

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Additionally, by removing the protection for single-family housing, it will open the door for more policy changes in the name of "affordability" and "missing middle" housing that will further erode our Edmonds community.

On behalf of the many residents who are against many of these zoning policies, we urge you to please speak up with emails, calls, or letters to the City Council and Mayor Nelson: [email protected], and include [email protected] on same email before the March 16 Edmonds City Council meeting.

Building your vision building community

Ask them to slow down this process, be more transparent, and seek true citizen feedback through online town halls before making any decisions on the most important issue facing Edmonds today.

Kim Bayer-Augustavo,br>Ed Augustavo

Scary mask incident at SeaTac

My wife, dog, and I went to SeaTac for a long delayed trip to San Diego.

While waiting, I noted two late teens/early 20s men with masks pulled down, mouth and nose uncovered.

I approached and asked the one most uncovered to please cover. He called me a crazy old ...!

I told him I was a vulnerable elder and this time he shoved/hit me. I retreated, but a number of people saw this exchange. The police never did respond as far as I know. Later, an announcement was made.

I think commercial flying is out of my interest for awhile!

Mel Chandler


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