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Last updated 11/5/2020 at 9:56am

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Dear reader,

We are heartened by the response after our recent announcement that The Beacon is converting to a digital first, subscription format. Even though the official conversion is three months away, readers already are taking advantage of our special offer to sign up now for a membership to receive immediate full access to our website.

Of course, we're also getting questions. For our longtime readers who prefer to read their local news in an actual newspaper, The Beacon will continue to publish its print version.

In fact, with this issue, we've begun publishing weekly again. As regular readers know, we cut back publishing to twice a month in April when the pandemic forced businesses to reduce service or close their doors altogether.

When that happened, advertising – our main source of revenue – fell through the floor. It made no sense to spend on advertising when your business was closed.

It also forced us to begin looking at new business models that would enable us to continue providing your community news. We landed on the digital first, subscription model that is being successfully implemented by other newspapers across the country.

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What, exactly, does that mean?

Digital first means that we're embracing the trend that started years ago with the confluence of the internet and smartphones. Although younger generations are considered more tech-savvy than older people, almost everyone these days has a smartphone in their pocket or purse. Young people, especially, feel all-but naked if they don't have their phone handy.

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In general, oldsters have caught on, too. Who hasn't waited in line, dined alone or otherwise found themselves with a few moments to kill, and took up their phone to scan headlines, check their social media feeds, or play a game?

For months we have been increasing our digital efforts, putting new content online every day. That way, when you want the latest information about what's going on in your community, The Beacon has you covered.

But many readers (I'm one of them!) still prefer reading their local news in print. There's nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee in your easy chair, leafing through the paper, and reading about the latest goings on in your hometown.

When we make the official change on Feb. 1, 2021, subscribers will receive The Beacon in their mailbox, dry and within one day of its publication. No more worrying about people stealing your paper, or fretting about the paper sitting on your porch when you're out of town.

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Yes, the Edmonds Beacon newspaper will include some of the same content that's found on our website, but not always. Stories that are put up fast on the website are often "fleshed out" for the newspaper, providing a more rounded, deeper look at a subject. There also will be advertisers and specials in the paper that won't be uploaded on the website.

With our new program, you'll have the best of both worlds – online access for speed and convenience, and the newspaper for familiar leisure and deeper looks. Both are offered for an affordable $59.95 per year (less than $5 per month) or $39.95 for six months.

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Some readers have told us they only want the newspaper, or they only want online access. That's fine, but the price is the same either way.

Why? Because we're selling content, not the method that it's delivered. If you only want the newspaper, no problem, we'll throw in the online version for free. If you only want the website, that's fine, we'll mail you the newspaper at no extra charge. (Again, if you don't want us to mail it, of course we won't.) Whatever your preference, we hope you'll agree that our price is fair for the only news source that covers your hometown fully and fairly.

If you currently are receiving The Beacon on your doorstep, that will continue through the end of January 2021. But, as I mentioned before, if you sign up now for your membership, you'll have immediate, full access to our website at no charge as our thanks to you for supporting The Beacon. Your 6- or 12-month membership will officially begin next February.

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I hope you'll join us in this new adventure. Sign up today to show your support for your community newspaper and, especially, to ensure you'll remain the most informed members of your community. An informed citizenry opens up positive dialogue and helps create sustainable relationships within the community.

Thank you,
Paul Archipley


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