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Last updated 10/14/2020 at 9:12pm

Thoughtful coverage on tragic situation at Boo Han Oriental Market

My name is Natalie Dolci, and I'm an Edmonds resident and a social worker who has spent my whole career working on domestic violence response and prevention.

I wanted to thank you for Brian Soergel's thoughtful coverage of domestic violence ("Shooting leaves 1 dead, 2 injured," Oct. 1). The article:

– Cited recent separation (most dangerous time);

– Referred to the conduct specifically as DV (most articles I've read never named it as such); and

– Included resource referral information for survivors.

I am so proud that Edmonds has treated this so sensitively.

Natalie Dolci

Vote 'yes' for comprehensive sexual health education

This November, we call on you to vote YES on R-90, which will ensure that comprehensive sexual health education is taught in all Washington public schools.

Voting "yes" on R-90 allows students to learn according to a locally chosen, age-appropriate, LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum from grades K-12.

These curriculums cover affirmative consent, healthy relationships, the signs and dangers of sexual abuse, how to respond safely and effectively to violence, bystander training, and more.

It will empower young people statewide to appropriate and healthy decisions towards their life goals.

We urge you to vote "yes" on R-90.

Ramya Arumilli
Co-lead organizer, WA for Menstrual Equity

Opposed to Perrinville development

I am very strongly opposed to the development of 14 new homes in what is now the Perrinville Woods. Forty-four new residences are currently being built just up the street in Perrinville.

How much is enough before the tone and texture of this last natural area is lost? Are we becoming just another suburb, lacking the connection to what makes this area so appealing?

We need more green space, not less. Perhaps before this proposed development, the land could be purchased by the city and/or county and incorporated into the nearby existing park.

Once lost, it will never be regained.

John Hamelrath

Food drive for kids was successful

Our heartfelt thank you.

Our Saturday (Oct. 1) food drive was successful. We are now prepared to provide emergency food to families in need. There are no words to express enough gratitude to our community.

You help us fill the gaps for families whose dietary needs have restrictions, allergies, are culturally diverse, and those that are hungry and have nothing to eat tonight.

We appreciate you!

Kim Gorney
Washington Kids in Transition

Vote to approve sexual health bill

Referendum 90 will be on the November ballot to approve or reject ESSB 5395 (Comprehensive Sexual Health Education), passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor in March. The League of Women Voters of Washington recommends a vote to approve ESSB 5395.

The bill ensures that all students statewide receive age-appropriate information that is medically and scientifically accurate, and parents have the right to opt their student out of the class.

ESSB 5395 states that K-3 instruction must be in social-emotional learning. This could include stranger danger, good touch/bad touch, and using your words instead of your hands.

No child should be left in the dark without the tools and information they need to be safe and healthy. Comprehensive sexual health education is effective at driving down rates of sexual abuse, unintended pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections in young people. Making sure every student across our state has access to high quality sexual health education is an equity issue.

Too many of our students don't receive high-quality, accurate sex education, putting them at risk. Let's stand together and vote to approve R-90 this election for all our students.

Kate Lunceford
League of Women Voters of Snohomish County

Robert Grant for Superior Court judge

As former Snohomish County Superior Court judges with a collective 100 years of experience on the bench, we care deeply about the quality of the jurist who is given the honor and responsibility of serving this community.

With the upcoming retirement of Judge Eric Lucas from Snohomish County Superior Court, Position 8, we wish to express our support for the candidacy of Robert Grant for Snohomish County superior judge.

We have had the opportunity to observe Robert Grant as an attorney regularly appearing before the Snohomish County Superior Court. His earnest dedication to performing his role with professionalism, respect, reason, and restraint is apparent in the courtroom.

We believe Mr. Grant has not only the capability, but also the demeanor to be a fair-minded judge who will make fair and just decisions under the law, by presiding over hearings with the same qualities he brings to every hearing as an advocate.

By learning the job on the ground as a pro tem judge for many years, in addition to his work as a prosecutor, Mr. Grant is the only candidate who has shown dedication to learning the nuances of procedure and real-time decision making that a skillful judge possesses.

We have high confidence that Mr. Grant will become a valued member of the Superior Court bench, and we humbly ask you to consider our endorsement when you vote this November.

Linda C. Krese
Ellen J. Fair
Thomas J. Wynne
Kenneth L. Cowsert

Lopez Shaw has the experience for judge

As a judge and former colleague, I strongly recommend Cassandra Lopez Shaw for Superior Court judge. Cassandra's exceptional professional qualifications and her unwavering moral compass and experience successfully representing families and children under the most difficult circumstances make her the clear choice for voters.

Cassandra inspires me with her grit and determination: As her husband was a deployed Marine serving in combat overseas, she raised their two remarkable children while going to law school.

Both Cassandra's son and daughter serve as officers in the military, while her husband is now a science teacher at Jackson High School.

Before a successful career in private practice, Cassandra was a dedicated public defender. She is known as an energetic, creative, and compassionate lawyer and community leader, widely respected by lawyers and judges – the only candidate for this position to have received a Domestic Violence Advocacy Award from Washington Women Lawyers and rated Exceptionally Well Qualified by the Loren Miller Bar Association.

She is the candidate with the integrity, qualifications, and experience we need.

The Superior Court Judges have committed ourselves to better represent the community we serve by taking a hard look at our own institution to eradicate discriminatory practices. Welcoming a woman of impeccable character and unmatched legal experience in every area of the law, who would also be the first woman of color to serve on our Superior Court, is exactly how we put our words into action.

Please join me by voting for Cassandra Lopez Shaw for Superior Court judge.

Anna G. Alexander


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