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Although the Aug. 4 primary won’t directly affect Edmonds government – Mayor Mike Nelson is in his first term and all seven councilmembers are set (Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Luke Distelhorst, and Kristiana Johnson’s terms are up for election in 2021) – there are still plenty of reasons to vote.

More than 300 federal and state offices are open for election in 2020, including all U.S. representatives, statewide offices, the state House of Representatives, and half of the state Senate.

The primary will decide the top two candidates who advance to the general election Nov. 3.

In addition, hundreds of county offices are open for election, including county commissioners.

In the 21st Legislative District, Position 1, two-time incumbent Strom Peterson (D-Edmonds) has two challengers: Democrat Grant Diede, and Brian Thompson, who lists his party as Republican.

In the 21st Legislative District, Position 2, incumbent Lillian Ortiz-Self (D-Mukilteo) has two challengers: Republican Amy Schaper, and perennial candidate and convicted felon Willie Russell, who states no party preference.

In the 32nd Legislative District, Position 1, incumbent Cindy Ryu's (D-Shoreline) challengers are Keith Smith, a Democrat, who lost to Ryu in 2018, and Shirley Sutton, Democrat.

In the 32nd Legislative District, Position 2, incumbent Lauren Davis' (D-Shoreline) challengers include Gray Peterson, Democrat; and Tamra Smilanich, no preference.

In Congressional District 7, which serves Edmonds, Democratic incumbent Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle) faces challengers from Scott Sutherland, Republican; Rick Lewis, an Independent from Edmonds; Craig Keller, Republican; and Jack Hughes-Hageman, Democrat.

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Democratic precinct candidates filing for Edmonds are Paul Ferrari (Precinct 37); Alicia Crank (40); Evan Powell (13); Kim Mead (8); Barbara McGuire (12); Strom Peterson (22); Liz Brown (41); Ron Harrell (26); Scott Marshall (10); Peter Henry (17); Heather Damron (37); Adrienne Fraley-Monillas (19); Trudy Bialic (49); Peter Henry (17); Beverly Schultz (30); Rosemary Donaghue (11); Rebecca Wolfe (5); Ronald Lundberg (26); Colin Cole (14); Laura Johnson (7); Thom Garrard (28); Tom Gurewicz (3); Jenna Nand (19); Simone Gomes (21); Josh Thompson (18); Andrew W. Palmer (25); Moe Pannier (19); and Mindy Woods (32).

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Republican precinct candidates filing for Edmonds are Gary Nelson (1); Carolyn Strong (2); Richard Aspen (44); Jeff Scherrer (28); John Carlin (41); and Brian Thompson (21).

The Snohomish County Elections page has a full list of candidates who have filed locally at


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