Public comment: $32K on a truck from Food Bank fund?


Last updated 5/12/2020 at 8:51pm

Public comment has always been a chance for regular citizens to give their opinions (three minutes only!) on City matters – and other things – during City Council meetings.

As council meeting are now temporarily conducted via Zoom, and citizens are not allowed in council chambers, their comments are only available to place on City Council agendas.

As part of regular feature, the Beacon will be shedding light on select comments, delivered to councilmembers.

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Here is a comment from the May 12 council meeting from Finis Tupper, dated May 1.

Subject: Community & Economic Relief Fund, aka Program

Dear Councilmembers Paine & Fraley-Monillas: Last week you two applauded Mayor Nelson for his quick action in creating this new city program formerly know as a city fund. I wonder if you research the fact that $32,000+ of the $50,000 granted to the Edmonds Food Bank was spent on a Truck.

Is your subscription going to expire?

Yesterday, I went to Costco after work. Costco was out of Chicken both Frozen and the Rotisserie, Flank Steak, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Clorox bleach, Clorox wipes, Clorox spray.

Seriously there were many selves bare and most with less merchandize than usual. I guess when the community needy come to City Council in search of help and claiming the Food Bank is out of Food. You two and Mayor can tell them to eat a Truck.

Councilmember Susan Paine reponds

"Thank you for your note of concern. Just prior to the Stay at Home order, I had been given a tour of the food bank and they had a serious need for additional refrigeration. There was some food spoilage due to that need as well.

I'm very glad that this vital service got the truck that they desperately needed for their normal operations, which is now made significantly more strained due to the business closures.

I hope this explanation helps."

Paine added; "I do think that the impacts from the closures due to the pandemic and the needed response had to be swift and done with some care, which is what I think has happened."


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