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Taxes; PCC's hypocrisy | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 3/5/2020 at 8:42am

This letter makes sense

Re: "Fed up with taxes," Editor's Note, Feb. 20:

It would help greatly if people felt secure in the knowledge that their taxes were well spent, without excessive waste or cost overruns.

Nathaniel Brown


The hypocrisy of a 'community' market

Great editorial about PCC ("PCC to Beacon readers: Adapt," Editor's Note, Feb. 27).

I've been a member of PCC for over 30 years, and am totally disheartened by a number of moves perpetrated by the new board. The hypocrisy of calling itself a "community" market, while eliminating our actual community newspaper, is just the latest outrage.

I had previously sent an email to the management about this move, but received no response.

Hopefully, your piece in the Beacon will provoke more protests, and maybe there will be a reversal of this poor decision.

Heather Russell


How environmentally aware is PCC?

I appreciated Brian Soergel's observations on PCC's seemingly inconsistent stance regarding the removal of free print publications from its stores ("PCC to Beacon readers: Adapt," Editor's Note, Feb. 27).

Truly, all the blabber about this retailer being "more environmentally aware" and its "commitment to environmental sustainability" because "consumers ... (are) getting their news online" doesn't make much sense when one considers that the data centers handling such internet traffic consume around 2% of the world's electricity and emit as much carbon dioxide as all of airlines around the globe. (Yale Environment 360.)

Those Zuckerberg zombies and other addicts spending an exceeding amount of their time connected to the internet one way or another likely never realize or care that (according to Google, no less!) "a typical search using its services requires as much energy as illuminating a 60-watt light bulb for 17 seconds."

Too many individuals believe electronic technologies are "green" by default and use this mistaken assumption to condemn "old-school" methods.

Then they'll have no qualms about buying the latest and greatest – and pricey – gizmo to replace a completely functional computer, tablet, or phone.

It's a free country, but it's still easier, and greener, to recycle newsprint than unwanted electronic gadgetry.

Charles J. Eckard



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