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Something smells

So let me get this straight. Over a half a million of my tax dollars are being given to someone with a "fragrance disability"? ("Fragrance claim: City pays $510K to settle suit," Jan. 30.)

Are you serious? Don't get me wrong; I have no issue providing for persons with true handicaps and/or special needs. However, this appears to be a case where the 99% are expected to accommodate the 1%, and if you don't, you're gonna pay dearly.

Now I understand why my property taxes are being raised – to pay for this kind of nonsense. What's funny is that the lawyers got more money than Ms. Johnson. Unfortunately, she won't be able to use them again since they came out smelling like roses!

Chris Minor


A wonderful girl; a wonderful singer

I was wondering why I never see the name of the sophomore girl who sings the national anthem at the Meadowdale varsity games.

She does a wonderful job, and I think she should be mentioned in your write-ups about high school sports. Her name is Jeniece Gresham.

She plays basketball, sings in the school choir, and volunteers at a church food bank.

(BTW, I am her Grandma).

Thank you.

Janice Smith


Editor's note: We're working on it, Janice.

Clarification on housing survey

Editor's note; Last week, Lori Rasmussen wrote a letter to the editor asking for clarification on the City's housing survey ("Hey, Edmonds: Play 'transparency.") Here is an update from Rasmussen.

This past week, additional security statements were added to the Edmonds Citizens Housing Survey:

"This survey is anonymous. The City does not have access to any additional data besides the respondents' disclosed answers."

Participating in Housing Survey#1 will help the Commission in many ways, one of which is completing an open-ended question with an idea related to housing, another survey, outreach or other related idea.

To participate in the survey, in one of four languages, go to the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission Page: For more assurance, the City references Survey Monkey's site, along with the City and State privacy and public records sites.

Lori Rasmussen


Invisibility cloak not ideal at night

Dear dog walkers and pedestrians in general:

It was a dark and stormy night, and when I turned off a busy thoroughfare onto my dimly lit, sidewalk-free street, there you were, spread across the pavement in your black/brown/navy/green coats and NEARLY INVISIBLE!

I had only a moment to recognize that those figures in the drive lane were people and move into the oncoming lane to avoid you.

Be aware that your dark clothing at night gives neither of us any room for error. Dark clothing on a walk at night is like wearing Harry Potter's cloak – you can see but can't be seen, thus becoming dangerously vulnerable to getting hit by cars.

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Please, be responsible for your own safety – wear reflective items and walk facing traffic.

I seriously do not want your invisibility ruining anyone's day.

Kathleen Dewhirst



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