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September 26, 2019

Questioning the mayor’s comments

RE: “The coming recession,” Mayor’s Corner, Sept. 19:

I question why this statement was put out.

As mayor, if this is the belief, what actions are you taking to minimize the impact??

Are you going to stop it slow costly projects??

Are you going to ask the department heads to take a 10% budget reduction so you can increase our rainy-day fund??

Or are you going to continue spending while you can??

Chris Brevik


Vivian Olson: Highly intelligent, resourceful, and capable

I will vote for Vivian Olson for Edmonds City Council in the November election. Olson’s academic credentials alone merit serious consideration.

She is an Air Force Academy graduate with an additional graduate degree in aeronautical science, with other advanced education ranging from contracting and contract law to accounting. She possesses a superb intellect and a strong educational foundation in leadership and management.

Her Air Force assignments, culminating as the on-site contract administrator at a major aerospace company, indicate exceptional performance in highly demanding positions.

Since leaving the Air Force, Olson has continued her success in business, while raising a family in Edmonds and serving the community in volunteer positions for many years.

I met Olson as she was researching the position of Edmonds city councilmember. She has been tenaciously seeking information on how the Edmonds City government works, and should work, and is actively researching issues the council will be expected to address in the coming months and years.

Olson’s research is thorough, objective, and provides a solid basis for decision-making. She listens respectfully to all sides, does her own research, and establishes her position based on the facts available.

She understands that there is rarely a perfect solution, or one that pleases everyone, and that it sometimes takes courage to make a decision based on fact rather than emotion. I find that honest and refreshing.

Vivian Olson is an exceptional candidate for the Edmonds City Council. She has no special interest constituency, no aspirations for higher office, and no political loyalty beyond the citizens of Edmonds. She is highly intelligent, resourceful, and capable.

She is one of those outstanding individuals willing to serve their community for no reason other than to make it a better place in which to live. I support her election to the Edmonds City Council in the strongest terms.

Jim Orvis


Dogs a treat at Rotary’s Oktoberfest

Kudos to the Rotary Club for the first Edmonds Oktoberfest. On a whim, I went with some family on Friday night, and we enjoyed great beer tastings (and wine for those who preferred that), along with yummy food choices, and festive music.

What we really enjoyed was the presence of dogs with their owners. From puppies to older dogs, all were adorable, on leashes, and very well behaved. I saw no messes left behind, and heard nary a bark all evening.

While I’m not a pet owner, I enjoyed complimenting several on their cute (and sometimes costumed) companions, and hearing stories of their rescued furry friends.

I overheard someone was already complaining about the presence of dogs at a festival that had food, but for my part, seeing so many people with their dogs enjoying the evening, was a big part of what made it such a pleasant event for me.

I enjoyed Oktoberfest much more than the Waterfront Festival that Rotary used to host. Thanks, Rotary – I hope you’ll do Oktoberfest again next year!

Melissa Duits


Really, Rick Steves?

Re: “Rick Steves, off script,” Sept. 19:

So let's get this straight. Rich people’s kids in the U.K. are nice, eloquent (elites). And the rest just go yay for Boris Johnson, and there they're slobs, they're fat, they just eat ice cream, cotton candy, and fish and chips.

Really? I will try to pass this along to people in the U.K. so they can treat your company and your rich liberal elite customers accordingly.

Jim Fairchild


Retain Edirin Okoloko, a rising star in Superior Court

In my 39 years as a judge, I had the pleasure of serving with many good judges. A year ago, Gov. Jay Inslee selected Edirin Okoloko from a large field of candidates to fill a vacancy on the Snohomish County Superior Court. Since he took office, Okoloko has distinguished himself as one of the most dedicated judges on the bench.

Before his appointment, Okoloko was a deputy prosecutor for Snohomish County for 13 years. He was a seasoned trial attorney.

On the bench, Okoloko has shown a bright legal mind, patience with litigants, and a dedication to making fair and reasoned decisions in each case that comes before him. He has a passion to see that the rule of law is properly applied to the facts presented in court.

He has been called upon to make judicial decisions in a wide range of civil litigation, family law matters, and felony criminal cases.

Okoloko is currently running for election to retain his judicial position. He is endorsed by all 14 of his Superior Court colleagues, 13 Snohomish County District or Municipal Court judges, nine retired Snohomish County Superior Court judges and over 100 judges statewide.

In a recent poll of Snohomish County lawyers, Okoloko was the top choice of those who practice in our courts. He is a rising star and a future leader in Washington state’s judiciary. Please join me in casting your vote to retain Judge Edirin Okoloko as a Superior Court Judge.

Thomas J. Wynne

Retired Superior Court judge



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