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Courteous Edmonds drivers | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 9/5/2019 at 11:49am

Courteous drivers in Edmonds

My wife and I have enjoyed spending the Labor Day weekend with her mother in the great city of Edmonds. You have a wonderful community.

We had occasion to walk from the house to the downtown area and the ferry dock several times.

I want to recognize how courteous the drivers are for pedestrian traffic, especially at the crosswalks located between corners. When we stopped at the crosswalk and thought to wait for traffic to pass, the vehicles always stopped and allowed us to cross.

This may not seem like a big issue, but it speaks volumes to me about the care and concern the citizens have for each other in this area.

Keep it up!

Steve Petzold and Thane Callender Petzold

Santa Clarita, California

Do you hear what I hear?

Am I the only one who sees and hears all the increased air traffic over Edmonds due to commercial flights out of Paine Field?

Why aren't Edmonds folks as upset about this noise and air pollution as they were about the connector?

Glenn Steinberg


God’s not done with me yet

Thanks to Chuck Sigars and “Chuck’s World” of Aug. 15 – “Finding my thin place.” You made my day.

My wife and I returned from eastern Washington Aug. 15, and stopped at the lobby of our condo to pick up the mail. There on the table was my favorite newspaper, the Edmonds Beacon.

I stopped taking newspapers when we moved to Edmonds about five years ago. I figured that the Beacon was the paper I preferred. I was hooked. The best part is Chuck's World.

Somehow I related to this guy, even though he was younger, as I'm 86 and thought I was more experienced. I sat down with my gin and tonic and opened the paper to page five and read Chuck's World.

Wow! Here is a guy who is almost as dumb as me! I couldn't believe what I was reading about his fall on the beach. And here is why it was such a coincidence.

Our place in eastern Washington is our hideaway. It's located east of the Columbia between Wenatchee and Chelan. I call it the “Taj Mahal Hovel” because it's an old, 30-foot Traveleze trailer in a subdivision called Sun Cove.

We have had this for about 23 years and, as the area began to fill in with trailers and houses, our view of the river would get blocked. Every time they blocked us, we would build another deck a little higher by one step.

After three decks, we gave it up. It turns out it could be dangerous because people could fall off the one step between decks. So that's the background as to why I am writing this.

I was removing the fire hazard tumbleweed brush around the property with a five-pronged rake, trying to get it done in the cooler part of the day. I got the last bunch in a pile ready to load up to go to the dump.

I had my long-handle rake and was headed back across the deck but missed the one step between and landed with my right forearm scraping deep into the step, and skinned my knee and elbow.

I got up, with blood running out from my forearm and from my nose, the back of my rake hitting me square on the bridge of my glasses – I have no idea how it all happened. My wife heard the crash on the deck and came running out to this bloody mess and said, "You're getting blood all over my newly painted deck” (maybe she didn't say that, but it makes a good story).

She wrapped up my arm and elbow to stop the bleeding and bandaged my nose, (I didn't break my glasses?), and drove with the help of Google to the Chelan hospital emergency room. The doctor looked at my arm, elbow and nose and said, "You don't have enough skin left for stitches, so we'll just clean you up, bandage everything, and send you home."

I didn't break anything! Now, Chuck, you know why I loved your column this week, and I don't feel as dumb as I did. I had company in my landing on my face. I guess God does love guys like us. The forks of my rate we're pointing outward when my face hit it.

I think God's going to keep me around a little longer, but I'm not pushing my luck.

Bud Davison



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