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Didja feel it? Yes. No. Maybe subconsciously?


Edmonds residents were quick to respond to the Beacon’s Facebook post early Friday morning, July 12, after a 4.6 earthquake in Snohomish County near Three Lakes/Monroe/Lake Tye area at 2:51 a.m.

Readers shared more than 80 comments, checking in from the Bowl, Sherwood Village, Westgate, Seaview, Perrinville, Meadowdale, Yost Park, Firdale Village, Woodway, Sherwood Forest, Maplewood, Picnic Point, and other locations. Readers also checked in from Lynnwood, Shoreline and Richmond Beach.

It was only natural that Edmonds area would feel the earth shaking, as the USGS reported it was felt as far north as Vancouver, British Columbia, south to Olympia, and east to Wenatchee.

The quake and its aftershocks were a needful reminder of the importance of preparation. Here’s another reminder: Our own jagged edge of earth, known as the South Whidbey Island Fault, runs from just east of Victoria, eastward through Whidbey Island near Clinton, just south of Mukilteo and north of Edmonds, and out to Woodinville and the Cascade Mountains.

It is capable of generating up to a 7.4 earthquake. The 2001 Nisqually quake was a 6.8.

That could cause considerable damage to Edmonds’ historic – meaning “old” – buildings lining Main Street.

Here are a few observations from Beacon readers:

Dan Rogers, owner of Dan’s Barber Shop in Firdale Village, said the quake “shook things up a bit” at his shop. A security camera captured the shaking, which you can view at bit.ly/2Ls6vvV.

Cynthia Beckley lives next to Civic Field: “Woke me up!” she wrote. “Felt the aftershock, too. BF and kids slept through it. I was scared; I hate earthquakes! Had many growing up in AK, but never got used to them!”

Sammie Rodriguez: “I'm next door to Fire House 16. Being a Cali girl, we knew what it was and jumped right into go-go mode.”

Tracy Kay Felix felt about two minutes of gentle shaking at Point Edwards: “A train was going by at the same time. Not anything dramatic like I felt in L.A. or in the area in early 2000s.”

Diana Scheel: “I live right on the bluff just off Olympic View. It really shook my place. I thought it was strange that the trains started running just a few minutes later. I would have thought they would need to check the tracks for damage and /or debris.”

Carolyn Hill Leptich in Picnic Point: “Woke us up because it sounded like something hit the side of our house. Hubby got up to look around to see if someone was outside.”

Cindy Salter-Hyce, Meadowdale: “Thought someone was shaking the bed!”

Amy Bork: “Felt it by Swedish, and thought I was just dizzy from no sleep. The cat instantly came in squeaking, though.”

So we know the earthquake gave us a good shake here in Edmonds. But it seems if you felt it was determined by how heavy a sleeper you were.

Pam Brisse: “I didn’t even realize it was an earthquake until this morning, I just thought my husband was shivering. LOL.”

Tina Wilderson Wilson: “Didn’t feel it on 44th. But I did wake up around 3. Maybe I felt it subconsciously.”

Rick Buyce: “Slept right through in Edmonds Bowl; daughter felt it, though, and woke up.”

Diane Filion Mitchell: “Nope, was sound asleep. Yay!”

For some, the household reaction varied by person and, yes, pets.

Jennifer Williams, near Firdale: “I heard it and felt it. Scared the bejesus out of me. Dogs and husband slept right through it.”


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