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Helpful library staff; connector solution? | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 7/5/2019 at Noon

Grateful to library staff

Kudos to all the staff at the Edmonds Library for their patience and excellent help during the changeover to new computer and printing processes.

They seem to embody the attitude that "no question is stupid."

Rosemary Gunning Edmonds

A solution to emergency access west of the tracks?

I would like to propose a possible solution to the Waterfront Connector problem.

Since the Edmonds Senior Center/Edmonds Waterfront Center is being rebuilt, I propose that the roof be constructed so a helicopter landing is possible when emergencies arise.

Space in the Waterfront Center could provide storage for emergency treatment supplies. Fire response would require additional interventions.

Barbara Yates Edmonds

Aid truck on west side of tracks not best solution

As a recently retired member of a Snohomish County Fire district, serving as an EMT and Medical Services administrator, I feel a response is needed to elaborate on the often-stated thought of "just put an aid truck on the other side of the tracks."

As easy as that sounds, it is only a part of the big picture in fire and aid service. It is true that the overall majority of fire department calls are for aid, either from trauma and/or medical related issues.

There are even a certain number of those calls that result in no transport, since they can be remedied on site or were not really an urgent issue. The problem begins when a transport is needed, as these will usually be of an urgent nature, requiring the aid car to either:

  • transport to nearest hospital;
  • meet up with ALS (Advanced Life Support – Paramedics)’
  • transfer to a private "for hire" aid service (such as Falck ambulance); or
  • request an urgent helicopter airlift (such as Airlift NW).

This necessitates getting on the east side of the tracks immediately, or waiting for additional help to come.

With the talk of eventually putting in two rail lines through Edmonds and increasing the number of trains per day to possibly around 100 or so, the possibility of a blocked rail crossing goes up due to a derailment, suicide by train, engine breakdown, vehicle collision, long line of rail cars, etc.

A medical and/or trauma issue can occur at any time of the day or night, for any number of reasons. People can have heart attacks, drug interactions/overdoses, and strokes and falls in the middle of the night, as well as during the day.

Besides aid calls, the fire/police service provides other important responses that could occur on the west side of the tracks – fire, trench cave-in rescue, confined space rescue, boat fire/rescue, hazmat, and shooting/hostage situations.

These kinds of responses usually require other equipment/vehicles than an aid car. It is important that any of the fire or police department vehicles have access across the tracks at any time of need.

With the upcoming construction of the Edmonds Waterfront Center, the odds of fire, injury, hazmat and (hopefully not) even death can go up. The defeated waterfront connector would have most likely provided that needed vehicle access.

The other option that would have fit the need would be an underpass below the train tracks that is big enough for fire trucks and other large vehicles.

Don't sell the people and businesses on the west side of the tracks short. Someone's life may be on the line.

Mike Harris Edmonds

Fatal flaw in Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector plan

Re: “Reflecting on the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector,” Mayor’s Corner, June 27):

The fatal flaw in this plan was not to gain the support of the public – had it been put to a vote or not seeing the conflict of where the location of where this connector was placed versus the damage and disruption it could cause to the beach.

I hope this beach in the future is protected for all time from any concrete construction. I know they worked hard on the plan, but it is not the right place.

Hindsight is 20/20, but in the end the right outcome happened, people rose up and put a stop to it, and the town should be proud of that.

Teresa Rohlin Edmonds

Radio Club event a success

Our Field Day 2019 for the Edmonds Woodway Amateur Radio Club is now history, and was a large success. We had many ham operators from our club join in a nationwide day of setting up radio operations out in the field.

We had multiple radios and antennas working many bands, frequencies, and modes. The best part was the spirit and fun of setting up remotely coupled with meeting the public and hams from other organizations.

Learning in an exercise like this could greatly expedite our knowledge of how to do this if the need arises due to a serious condition like an earthquake or wind/rain storm.

The event took place at the Mountlake Terrace Community Center grounds June 22. We started with doughnuts and cookies and ended up with many contacts nationwide. Field Day is a sanctioned event thru the American Radio Relay League, of which we are all members.

I appreciate and thank all who participated.

Greg Gadbois Acting President Edmonds Woodway Amateur Radio Club


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