2019 EPIC writing contest winners


Last updated 5/29/2019 at Noon

Front  row: Kathryn Pinto, Regina Sadono, Natalie Leif, Chris Cantu. Back row: Pat Power, Andy Heider, James Backstrom, Michael Skripalsh, Devin Kyle, Mary Pan, Kipling Knox. Not pictured: Emma Howltt, Jasmine Boerner.

EPIC Group Writers of Edmonds has named the winners in its annual writing contest. A reception was held in the Plaza Room above the Edmonds Library May 16.

Adult author, prose

  • Natalie Leif, first place: “Flawed Gods”
  • Kipling Knox, second place: “1500”
  • Mary Pan, honorable mention: “Mark”
  • Pat Power, honorable mention: “The Exchange”

Adult author, poetry

  • James Backstrom, first place: “After the Snow”
  • Natalie Leif, second place: “12 Years”
  • Regina Sadono, honorable mention: “The Lost Girl”
  • Chris Cantu, honorable mention: “Near Paulina Peak”

Student author, prose

  • Emma Howlett, first place: “The Baker and the King”
  • Kathryn Pinto, second place: “Silent Enemy”
  • Andy Haider, honorable mention: “A Familiar Face”

Student author, poetry

  • Michael Skripalsh, first place: “Bottled Beach”
  • Devin Kyle, second place: “Another Scrapped Idea for a Poem”
  • Anonymous, honorable mention: “Sunflower Daydream”
  • Jasmine Boerner, honorable mention: “Glasses”


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