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The snow, the cookie, the poop | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 2/15/2019 at Noon

Even Scotty couldn’t forecast Puget Sound weather

Re: “Snowed Under,” Feb. 7:

First, calling them "weatherheads" is pretty insulting. In the Puget Sound, we are lucky to have some pretty knowledgeable TV meteorologists, though we certainly have had a changing of the guard in the last three to four years.

Second, forecasting snow events for the Sound is an incredibly difficult call. Models do a very poor job, with the mountains, Sound, and urban areas, and what they do to the airflows. It takes a lot of human experience and interpretation.

Just look at Cliff Mass' blog analysis of these events, or the National Weather Service's area forecast discussion.

It's like transwarp teleportation described by Scotty in the newer “Star Trek”: "It's like trying to hit a bullet, with a smaller bullet, whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse."

Brian Potter Edmonds

Skip the cookie, and head to the ballot box

The owner of the Edmonds Bakery evidently had the gall to express an opinion – "Build that wall" – that some find unacceptable. Thus, the suggestion that his business should be the target of a boycott to hurt him.

What kind of tolerance is that? Is that the way our democracy should operate? If you disagree with me, I'm going to try to hurt you?

I suggest that we all take a step back and consider what a marvelous nation we've had handed to us, where the ballot box is the way we should express our disagreement.

Michael Hilton Edmonds

A durable dog poop bag serving two purposes

I have a concern related to the dog poop postings in the Edmonds Beacon.

I have a large dog and walk him in the Edmonds area, and agree that we need to clean up after our pooches, which I do. I also find myself cleaning up after humans. In the Five Corners area, where I live, I find a lot of plastic on lawns and the streets.

Knowing it runs into sewers and out to Puget Sound, I have begun collecting that as well. It is often straws, bottle caps and other plastic garbage.

One suggestion is the "biobag,” which are compostable and are for picking up dog and human garbage. It’s another helpful way to limit plastic pollution.

Cynthia Flegenheimer Edmonds


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