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The cookie, tree cover, Yost Park | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 2/10/2019 at Noon

The cookie: Words have meaning

For the Edmonds Bakery owner to claim his "Build that Wall" cookie was "just a joke" is akin to the person who insults you saying, "I was just kidding. Can't you take a joke?"

Words have meaning, and he knows the words were provocative. What if they said "Heil Hitler" or "Trump sucks?"

No need to belabor this issue in our friendly town, but I wish the bakery owner had just said, "I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

Carol Gordon Edmonds

Editor’s note: Edmonds Bakery owner Ken Bellingham apologized, kind of, but is now making good money by selling his “Build that Wall” cookies.

Destroying trees a disgrace

I agree with Chris Walton’s editorial comments on the decimation of the old growth trees by the developer of the property on Ninth Avenue South and Pine Street (“Edmonds canopy continues to decline,” Guest View, Jan. 17.)

It was a disgrace to destroy those trees that have been there probably longer than any of us currently living in Edmonds today. The home or homes could be designed at least around some of the trees, given the fact that some of them were at the perimeter of the property, possibly even against the property line.

I also attended meetings of the Tree Board, where they plainly stated they want to keep old growth trees and encourage builders to not remove them. In addition, they said they wanted to encourage new tree plantings and grow our tree canopy.

How do you plan to do that when you allow a builder to recklessly remove 60-foot tall trees? Does he plan on replacing them with 60-foot tall trees? I doubt it. I think that would cut into his profits. Kirkland and Bellevue have very strict policies on cutting down trees; the fines for removal without permission are very stiff.

I disagree with the severity of their tree policy, however. A milder version that requires developers and builders to review their plans with the city before any trees are removed would be in order.

Walton wrote about the heavily treed lot on Spruce Street and Seventh Avenue South. It is near my home. I have spoke twice to Tree Board members at meetings regarding the likely destruction of these old growth trees. I have explained to them that eagles live in these trees with their young in the spring and summer.

I was told to call the police if this builder tries to cut them down. I’m happy to do that. However, if I’m not home when they start cutting, it will be too late. Why doesn’t the Tree Board visit this property and restrict the builder from cutting all of them down, or at least compromise and require him to save some of them?

Dawn Malkowski Edmonds

Taste Edmonds article could have been more positive

Frankly, the headline graveled me (“New Taste Edmonds is ranked the lowest,” Jan. 31).

The survey dismissing Taste Edmonds as “the lowest” was a very biased process. In this survey, only the chamber members participated, fewer than 100 people.

It appears they didn’t like the new format, but on a happier note, they do still appreciate the fact the event has significant importance and attendance. If it weren’t for Taste Edmonds, I doubt there would be an Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

The Taste has historically provided approximately 80 percent of the incoming revenue to the chamber on an annual basis. The chamber sure wouldn’t exist on membership dues and donations alone! I speak from first-hand knowledge.

Thirty-six years ago, (current Mayor) Dave Earling was one of the first with the idea to have the event, and he was the Taste manager. After him, for several years, my husband Stan Dickison chaired the event.

Stan was also the chamber president (both posts being volunteer, nonpaid positions.)

I saw the chamber’s financial records year after year since I was their insurance agent, and knew their sources of revenue. So hopefully the event can be tweaked to the perceptions of the chamber members.

The general public may not be aware that the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is a separate organization from the City of Edmonds, and their budgets do not co-mingle. The Chamber is to serve the needs of the local business community: to encourage the public to come in to town to shop.

The biggest local draw, (over the course of one weekend) is Taste of Edmonds, by any name you want to call it. It needs hundreds of volunteers, starting months in advance, to plan out the event and manage it during the festival weekend.

As they say, if you don’t like it, fix it. Don’t just gripe about it. I hope any future article on Taste Edmonds will have a more positive slant.

Valerie Dickison Edmonds business property owner 1993 Inaugural co-winner of the Edmonds Kiawanis Citizen of the Year award

Editor’s note: The Beacon simply reported the results of the chamber survey, mentioning that it was members who completed it. What we didn’t report was that there was plenty of anecdotal evidence that the first year of the new Taste Edmonds received mostly mixed reviews.

Take care of Yost Park – stay on the trails

This is Girl Scout Troop 44341, and we would like to talk about the erosion in Yost Park.

We have noticed that the erosion is a problem in Yost because of people walking off the designated trails, causing the ground to erode. When people walk off of the designated trails, it not only causes the ground to erode, but it also hurts animals by filling in their dens and destroying their habitat.

Our troop wants to ask you to please stay on the designated trails to help nature and our community!

We want to spread the word that we need to fix this, and soon.

Christine Roberts Edmonds


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