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Housing strategy could change the face of Edmonds

High-density, low-income and affordable housing are officially coming to Edmonds if the City Council's housing strategy as proposed is passed this fall.

This may also include “tiny homes.” Think Ballard. The spirit of the document is, “Anyone who wants to live in Edmonds should be able to live in Edmonds.” Have you noticed how single-family homes on large lots are being torn down and multiple units are being erected?

How about commercially zoned properties being rezoned for high-density housing? Read the Housing Strategy (edmondshousingstrategy.org/documents/) to see the vision our City Council is creating for you and me.

Two of the nine advisers on the city-appointed Housing Strategy Task Force are with groups in the process of having their housing projects approved by the City Council.

The first is Bill Anderson with Compass Housing Alliance, which is planning on bringing at least 60 Blokable housing units to Edmonds Lutheran Church at 23525 84th Ave. W.

These are permanent low-income housing units. Another adviser is Mark Craig, the president of Henbart LLC, Mark Craig, the commercial real-estate firm spearheading the 91-unit apartment project in Westgate by Bartell Drugs.

The other task force advisers included one city council member, a reverand, a real-estate agent, and representatives from the Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish County, Catholic Housing of Western Washington, and the Edmond Housing Instability Coalition.

Who is missing from this list?

How about a “regular” Edmonds resident or two? After all, when the contractors and the housing specialty groups have built their projects and moved on, the residents of Edmonds will be left behind to make our way around more traffic and more high density housing.

Please, get involved, read the housing strategy, attend the next City Council meeting and voice your comments. We are the largest number of stakeholders in Edmonds.

Special interest groups don’t live or pay taxes in Edmonds. We do.

Rebecca Anderson Edmonds

Stay informed on City’s housing strategy – change could be coming

We all should be fully informed of what the Edmonds City Council is going to be voting on soon.

The housing strategy is all about making housing affordable to all, and they will change city codes to allow mixed use in current residential-zoned neighborhoods.

They will allow multistory units without adequate parking – 0.4 parking spots per unit. Is this the Edmonds we want to live in?

Let your opinion be heard and act by attending City Council meetings, for they will vote on it soon – by end of September, possibly.

Check the city’s website for times and dates.

Keith Mikkelsen Edmonds

Kudos to efficient Sound Disposal

Our neighborhood on Seventh Avenue South in Edmonds is served by Sound Disposal, a local company, that repeatedly goes above and beyond the normal calls of duty.

My wife and I wish to commend and recognize these good people.

Mel Chandler Edmonds

Reader wants answers on patrolling for speeders

I can relate to the folks on Pine Street regarding speeders (“Nightmare on Pine Street?” Aug. 30).

I have had the same experience with the Edmonds PD. About a year and a half ago, I contacted the mayor’s office about speeding traffic in the 1000 block of Fifth Ave. South and was directed to Officer Karl Roth of Edmonds PD.

At first, Officer Roth was open to increasing traffic patrols on this stretch of road, but that quickly declined to virtually nothing. I contacted (Traffic Engineer) Bertrand Hauss about this issue, and he had a traffic-calming device installed that has had some effect.

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Still, there are many violators that seem to ignore this device. The other day, I saw a BMW fly past the device, which indicating 52 mph. This is not uncommon. I have tried to get more patrolling in the area and am being told by Officer Roth that they don’t have the manpower to accomplish this.

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It seems we have enough folks on staff to aggressively enforce parking downtown. The mayor’s office does not return my inquiries. Serve and protect? Hmm.

Gary Read Edmonds


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