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Heavy library door, free speech over guns | Letters to the Editor


Last updated 7/29/2018 at Noon

Post office inaccessible to some

I totally agree with Phyllis Fiege and her concern for accessibility to our post office (“Heavy doors, few stamps," Letters to the Editor, June 28).

I also find it is awkward and difficult to get into the post office, especially from the parking garage, where the only handicapped parking if offered.

The door is extremely heavy.

I have encountered several occasions where I have been of assistance to individuals in wheelchairs who were not able to get into the post office, and on one occasion a lady in a wheelchair could not get out of the post office until someone came along and opened the door for her.

My question: Aren’t all businesses supposed to be compliant with the Americans With Disability Act, which makes entrances and exits into businesses accessible?

Constance Arnott Edmonds

Free speech over guns

On Edmond's street corners, the Saturday market and PCC, petitioners are petitioning for an age increase to legally buy firearms. It’s part of I-1639, a firearms safety proposal they hope to get on November’s ballot.

People respond with a friendly and supportive “yes” and “Thank you for doing this” to “I already signed,” “I can't be bothered,” “I don't have time,” “No,” or pretending to not hear or see the petitioner.

And then there are the aggressive gun advocates. The petitioners calmly and politely listen as the gun advocates scream at the petitioners “You hater” and “You are taking away my God-given right to own a gun” and “You are taking away my right to bear arms.”

Conservatives need to know that liberals don't hate guns – many own them. Liberals want Americans to be safe, safe from being killed in movie theaters, shopping malls, schools, concerts, baseball games, churches, women's health centers or places of work.

Conservatives say they have a God-given right to own a gun. They need to know that one of God's commandments is “Thou shall not kill.” God doesn't mention guns in the Bible. They were not invented yet. The Chinese invented the first firearm 1,000 years after the Bible was written.

Do you think that God may have been a liberal?

When Second Amendment was ratified in 1791, muskets were the firearms necessary for hunting meat and for protection. Black Americans and indentured servants were prohibited from owning a firearm. This infringement continued well into the 20th century.

Our right to bear arms has resulted in arming teachers, arming citizens with military-type weapons and arming 326 million Americans with 393 million guns. Our well-regulated militia has expanded to 70 military bases in other countries – 46 percent of the world’s nuclear arsenal – and the biggest supplier of military arms to the world.

This is our country’s definition of a well-regulated militia.

The petitioners stand for the First Amendment. Remember the nursery rhyme: “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” These brave petitioners carry words against the open-carry and concealed-carry gun advocates.

They represent American values: free speech over guns. These petitioners deserve our respect and need to be thanked for their courage and conviction in creating a safer America.

Susan Pedersen Edmonds


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