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My glasses are driving me crazy!


Let’s face it. While glasses are more stylish and lighter weight than ever before, having glasses on your face is not as comfortable as not having glasses on your face. Tenderness on your nose, soreness behind your ears or the simple hassle of having your eyewear too tight or too loose, are just some issues eyeglass wearers can face.

Besides comfort, poor-fitting eyewear can also compromise your vision. Progressive lenses in particular are very unforgiving and should be sitting on your face in the same position as when the optician originally measured them for placement. As a frame loosens and slips down your nose, the optics for the lenses change as well. This can make the placement innacurate and can cause your distance to blurr and your reading area to become much harder to use.

Eyeglass maintenance should be done on a regular basis. Luckily, most optical stores do adjust eyeglasses and maintain the fit and structure of your frame at no charge. Definitely take advantage of this service, and you will find less mishaps with screws falling out, glasses slipping and sore spots on the areas that your glasses touch.

Here at Sherman Optical we take exceptional care and time while adjusting your eyewear to make sure the fit is exactly how it should. Whether you come to our shop or elsewhere, take a minute out of your day to help maintain your eyewear.

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