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Police kudos, new location for senior center? | Letters


Last updated 4/27/2018 at Noon

Kudos to Edmonds police for actions during shooting incident

In the April 12 edition of the Beacon, there was an article titled "Police shoot rubber bullets at naked man armed with axes."

Rarely does a week go by without reading/hearing/viewing a story about police shooting an unarmed person. I must commend the Edmonds Police for reacting in a responsible and reasonable manner.

Instead of shooting first and asking questions later, they ended a two-hour standoff with no injuries to either officers or the suspect or any bystanders.

I would suggest that any big-city police department could learn something from our admirable small-town force.

Patricia Valentine Edmonds

Moving Senior/Waterfront Center to downtown seems logical

The reality of the substantial increase in construction costs for the Waterfront Center may be a blessing in disguise (“Waterfront Center cost jumps up 44 percent,” April 19).

Now the board and community have the opportunity to re-examine the location and build it in a proper place – between Frances Anderson Center and the library – by tearing down the 1960s-era concrete block addition.

This site is centrally located, providing access to the library and the rooftop Library Terrace and Plaza Room (great for lunches and events), and all closer to the center of town with good parking available. This site would certainly be more appealing to seniors, families and youth, with easy access to arts and recreational facilities.

The other possible option could be on one-quarter acre of the 8-plus-acre Civic Playfield, which would be a wonderful location, given its walkability and proximity to emergency services. A natural partnership could occur between the Boys & Girls Club and the Senior Center.

The current location of the Senior Center could be extraordinary open space, giving the public increased access to the shoreline. The Senior Center can be relocated very nicely to either of the above two locations – but where can you find another park/beach?

And finally, we wouldn't have to worry about the Waterfront Center being washed away in a big storm or be concerned about crossing the railroad tracks. Kudos certainly to the tremendous support this project has received to date from donors.

But adding $6 million to this campaign may be a bridge too far. My hope is that at the very least these options will be given serious consideration.

Craig Stewart Edmonds

Why YMCA didn’t’ provide discount tickets to Yost Pool for all?

I am writing in regards to an article in the April 19 Beacon regarding a 50 percent discount for Yost Pool family season passes.

Upon calling the YMCA, I was told it is not available to seniors, adults or individuals. I asked if my "swimming family" could receive this discount, and was denied. Myself and my swimming family have been swimming there for over 30 years, and there are records showing this.

These days, families are made up of many different groups of people, whether it is religious, adoption, foster, gay, lesbian, political, exchange students, etc. Mine happens to be with people that I have swam with for 30 years!

By YMCA denying this opportunity to all it is nothing short of discrimination. I would appreciate if you would kindly look into this matter and provide a possible resolution.

Marylee Brown Edmonds

Editor’s note: The Dale Turner Family YMCA, which manages Yost Pool, reports that the discounts were for families of four to six members during a promotion on Healthy Kids Day. A regular season pass for those over 60 is $150 for Edmonds residents and YMCA members.

Some ideas to boost local business

What are some ways that we could bolster business for Edmonds shops, restaurants and theater?

Could merchants create an gift card that we could purchase for our friends and families’ birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc?

Could the merchants have a stand near the ferry line featuring items from different shops each week? These sales could encourage people to go into town and buy more from these shops. It could also serve as a sales outlet for people to buy a quick gift while they are stuck waiting for the ferry.

We residents could also let our friends and family know that if they are giving us gift cards, we’d like them form local Edmonds businesses and restaurants. (This year for Christmas, our daughter gave us gift certificates to Chanterelle and the Rusty Pelican Café).

And for those who want your adult children to visit more often, give them gift certificates to Edmonds restaurants and the movie theater.

Let’s do all we can to keep our downtown Edmonds economy vibrant!

Lynn Lagreid Edmonds


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