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Complaining about the railroads


April 25, 2013

They're still at it. "They" being the chronic complainers taking shots at the inevitable coal trains slated to run through our Edmonds By the Sea... a town that became a town because of trains.

I suggest that these complainers date back to when automobiles besmirched the air quality throughout America. Cars arguably had an ill effect in some areas but where would we be without them?

But the complainers were thicker'n the odor on a skunk with their gang-like objections to such happenings.

What about that nasty old smoke that was left behind on "blast off" as was emitted from the spacecrafts we sent aloft to learn from our universe?

And consider the trail emitted from that smoke spewing 747 on which the development of Seattle and surrounding municipalities (including Edmonds) was largely responsible for our growth to finally be reckoned with as an important area.

What about the proposition that passenger flights be allowed to land and take off from Paine Field? Does that activity not bring additional life blood to our Snohomish County?

Sooo... people build their homes next to an airfield and then complain about the noise caused by aircraft? Brilliant!

It is, to us who favor financially advantageous progress, a continuation of our being constantly subjected to the "greenies" among us who oppose nearly every effort to improve our lives.

Oh yes... we could, as some seem to prefer, go back to horses and buggies to please the anti-modernization world but, would that please them? Nay. They would have a new target, more easily identifiable both by volume and odor.

Danged horses are hard to train to use a Porta Potty. What would solve the problem? Ban the dastardly equine villains.

Coal dust? Prove it! I have yet to see any scientific evidence to prove that these trains might cause any damage to our air quality or the beauty of the expensive properties adjacent to the RR.

And if there was some ... so what? It would be miniscule in its effect on we human beings.

C'mon greenies, admit it. You don't have a legitimate leg, or coal dust pile, to stand on.

Edmonds is a railroad town and, with any luck and no irrational attacks, will probably remain a railroad town presuming we can overcome, or ignore, the constant anti-train lobbies by those who stand defiantly against anything that resembles progress.

Whooo whooo! Or, as Constance Towers said to John Wayne in the movie Horse Soldiers, "Ding dong... ding dong."


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