Steves in 57th place in Iditarod


Jan Steves at the start of the 2012 Iditarod race.

As of Wednesday morning, Edmonds resident Jan Steves is in 57th place in the 1,000+ mile long Iditarod race.

Steves’ last checkpoint was Rohn, which is at the 188-mile mark of the race (imagine the sigh of relief, only 875 miles to go). She’s headed for checkpoint Nikolai, which is about 75 miles from Rohn.

Cindy Klettke, who is posting updates from Steves on the trail to (Jan Steves blog) said Steves reported the dogs (16 of them) are doing great.

“My feet are so sore,” Steves said. “And the Iditarows (corn rows) are taking a beating... bet’s on if they’ll make it to Nome.”

Steves has already crossed 3,000-foot elevation Rainy Pass and headed for the flatlands of interior Alaska.

Nikolai weather Wednesday morning was 18 degrees and snowing lightly, calm and with a visibility of 2.5 miles. Long term forecast for Nikolai is for cooling to a high of minus 7.


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