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 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

Pho: Classic comfort food at Than Brothers | Arts & Appetite

Sometimes, especially on a chilly, cloudy day, nothing sounds better than a big bowl of noodles in steaming hot broth. Pho, the Vietnamese soup traditionally made with broth, rice... — Updated 1/22/2021

 By Mike Denton    Opinion 

Consider donating stimulus check to help others | Guest View

Right about now, most of us are getting $600 or more from the government. We didn't ask for it, and many of us don't really need it. You may have thought that it should have gone... — Updated 1/21/2021


Will miss Beacon paperboy; support for Neil Tibbott | Letters to the Editor

Will miss the Beacon paperboy I am writing to compliment my current (soon out of a job) paperboy Isaac, who has delivered my Beacon for two years. He has been steadfastly reliable,... — Updated 1/21/2021

 By Pat Valle    Opinion 

Reflecting on 5 years with the Edmonds Diversity Commission | Guest View

As the last founding member of the Edmonds Diversity Commission, stepping down now after five years of service, I would like to offer some history and observations of the... — Updated 1/21/2021

 By Jim Lawless    Opinion 

Chief Lawless: 'It was not mean to be' | Guest View

To the Edmonds Community: The time has come for us all to look towards what is next for the Edmonds Police Department and move forward. The mayor will be conducting a national... — Updated 1/21/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Life in 1889 Edmonds and beyond | History Files

In the past, I leafed through the 1889 R.L. Polk directory – which listed businesses – in the Edmonds Historical Museum. (The museum is currently closed due to the coronavirus p... — Updated 1/18/2021


The roller coaster of social 'mores' | Moment's Notice

Who likes a roller coaster as much as I do? Strapped in tightly by a three-point restraint to a plastic seat, looking about anxiously from several stories high, anticipating (and... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Big questions sometimes come from small people | Chuck's World

My grandson has been calling me spontaneously lately, something new. We talk once a day regularly, but he doesn’t just call me out of the blue. Although a grandpa can wish. But... — Updated 1/14/2021


Waiting for update on police chief situation | Letters to the Editor

Mayor needs to speak up on police chief decision The position of Edmonds Chief of Police is arguably one of the most important positions in our local government structure – good... — Updated 1/14/2021


Edmonds governmental functionality in 2020 | Guest View

There's been so much that has gone on in Edmonds this past year that it's hard to know where to start. For the record, at one time or another, I've supported all currently elected c... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By Strom Peterson    Opinion

'This was an insurrection fueled by a desperate man' | Guest View

Confederate flags were carried through the halls of Congress this week – not even during the Civil War did that racist flag reach the Capitol. A small memorial to the late... — Updated 1/14/2021

 By Jess Grant    Opinion

The case against Sheriff Adam Fortney | Guest View

Editor’s note: The Beacon contacted Sheriff Adam Fortney for comment on this opinion piece, but he declined to comment in detail, only saying it was “political diatribe that’s not getting traction” and that the first... — Updated 1/8/2021

 By Lynn Chelius    Opinion

Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds returns to its roots | Guest View

ACE (Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds) is a nonpartisan citizen group providing support and resources for bringing issues of concern before elected officials in the city of Edmonds.... — Updated 1/8/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

What's wrong with this picture? | Chuck's World

The crazy is so strong right now – I don’t really want to add to it. I become frustrated, annoyed, irritated, and angry just like any other person, but I’d like to avoid... — Updated 1/7/2021


Episode 1 of 'The Pizza Diaries' | Arts & Appetite

Last year, pizza became America’s favorite meal, with one survey pointing out that 55% of Americans partake in a pie at least once a week. We ate more pizza last year than... — Updated 1/7/2021


Suggestion for Waterfront Center | Letters to the Editor

Indigenous ceremony would be great at Waterfront Center I would love to see an Indigenous ceremony included as part of the Edmonds Waterfront Center's grand opening ceremonies,... — Updated 1/7/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Greener groceries for 2021 | Greener Edmonds

There are many ways to make food buying at the grocery store more responsible in 2021. How it is packaged, what we buy, who produces it, and where it comes from are all things to... — Updated 1/2/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

This year, it might be best to exit laughing | Chuck's World

It feels absurd and a little silly to mark the end of a bad year, as if we’re getting ready to walk out of a lousy movie or head home early from a boring party. Not that we’re... — Updated 12/31/2020


Police chief selection; gratitude | Letters to the Editor

How was the police chief process justified? Your editorial "Police chief pick: Botched from the start" (Dec. 17) was spot on. As you, Chief Al Compaan and Edmonds Police Officers... — Updated 12/31/2020


When differences lead to divide instead of discussion | Veterans Corner

“You need to look at this from the other point of view.” That was my dad’s advice after I finished what I thought to be a stellar research paper in support of capital punishme... — Updated 12/31/2020


City Council: A year in review

What a year 2020 has been, starting right after the first of the year with four new councilmembers and a new mayor. With that, the mayor broke a tie during the council president... — Updated 12/31/2020

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Police chief pick: Botched from the start | Editor's Note

Mayor Mike Nelson’s attempt to ramrod his police chief pick through confirmation at the last minute was part of a flawed selection process that seemed doomed from the start. It started in April, when Nelson said he was confident... — Updated 12/29/2020 Full story

 By Suzy Baroud    Opinion

A caged crèche to honor migrant families | Guest View

"And in the little towns pity for the sodden men changed to anger, and anger at the hungry people changed to fear of them. Then sheriffs swore in deputies in droves, and orders were... — Updated 12/24/2020

 By Atsuko Koseki    Opinion

Workers raise concerns about safety and fair pay at PCC

When you work and shop at a place like PCC you have higher expectations than at a national chain store. We are the Puget Consumer Cooperative – or PCC Community Markets – as we... — Updated 12/24/2020

 By Paul Archipley    Opinion

Peace of mind | Publisher's Desk

My father was a practical man. When I was young and full of myself, one of the first cars I bought was a 1960 Triumph TR3 roadster. Very impractical. It had removable side curtains rather than windows that rolled up and down, dual... — Updated 12/24/2020 Full story


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