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What of the Edmonds Marsh; actions, not words | Letters to the Editor

Will developers obliterate the Edmonds Marsh? Former Councilmember Dave Teitzel recently wrote a column in the Beacon about the city of Edmonds' current financial difficulties and... — Updated 11/30/2023


Support the Edmonds Theater; support students in need | Letters to the Editor

Support the historic Edmonds Theater We live in an exceptional town. Just take a walk along the waterfront on a sunny day, greeting your neighbors. Stop by the beautiful new... — Updated 11/21/2023


Kudos to Mayor Mike Nelson; government lacks experience in property development | Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Mayor Nelson, for your dedicated service During this busy holiday season we all need to stop for a moment, reflect, and thank Mayor Mike Nelson for his years of... — Updated 11/16/2023


Racial redlining?; homeless in Edmonds | Letters to the Editor

Beware of zoning as a tool for racial redlining in Edmonds A hot topic in Edmonds is recent state-mandated changes to local zoning to allow duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes on... — Updated 11/9/2023


Thanks to the Edmonds PD for recovering car | Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the Edmonds PD for recovering car My wife and I would like to express our utmost thanks to the Edmonds Police Department. Our locked 4-year-old car was stolen four days ago from our carport in the middle of the... — Updated 11/3/2023


Letters to the Editor

Mayor, Mr. Rosen: Ball in your court on communication Please note that I am neutral in the mayor’s race and have not made any comments about either candidate. I chose not to endorse a candidate for mayor in the primary or the gen... — Updated 10/26/2023


Readers speak out on endorsements | Letters to the Editor

Mike Nelson has made Edmonds more accessible I've noticed discourse in recent letters to the editor regarding the mayoral race and I'd like to offer my perspective. As someone with... — Updated 10/12/2023


Save the trees; Edmonds needs change at the top | Letters to the Editor

Save the trees at Hadley Acres The cover photo of the September 28 edition ("Housing Authority offers $8.4M for 4.4 acres") made me heartsick to know that all those beautiful... — Updated 10/5/2023


Thanks from Rotary Club; more City staff needed | Letters to the Editor

Rotary Club: Thank you, Edmonds The Rotary Club of Edmonds thanks our amazing community for coming out to support us at our annual Oktoberfest Family Festival. We were able to raise... — Updated 9/28/2023


Key fob back; save Durbin trees; no to Landmark | Letters to the Editor

Thanks for turning in key fob My husband and I wanted to thank the person who found our Ford Escape fob on Sunset Avenue. We looked everywhere and, this morning, Monday the 18th,... — Updated 9/21/2023


The solution is better border security | Letters to theEditor

I read with great interest the "Guest View" article published in the Beacon on Aug. 31 by Sen. Maria Cantwell. The article was her "solution" to the fentanyl crisis. I read the arti... — Updated 9/14/2023


Memories from a former Chanterelle employee | Letters to the Editor

I worked at Chanterelle from 1993-1996 while in high school. Chanterelle taught me so much more than what one would expect from a part-time job in high school. I learned about hard... — Updated 9/7/2023


Incorporate us; thanks to City; help Bobo | Letters to the Editor

Meadowdale residents want to incorporate into Edmonds I am a resident of the currently unincorporated segment of the Meadowdale area. My home is addressed as Edmonds – the Zip... — Updated 8/31/2023


Remembering Jim Traner; lack of respect for citizens| Letters to the Editor

Jim Traner's life touched many in Edmonds In last week's Edmonds Beacon, columnist Maria A. Montalvo shared her feelings at the recent loss of community icon Jim Traner ("Better to... — Updated 8/24/2023


Which direction for Edmonds; comp plan; Lahiana | Letters to the Editor

Concerned over Edmonds' direction I'm getting concerned about where the mayor is taking the city. It seems we have a lot of new proposals and recent initiatives that would seem, in... — Updated 8/17/2023


Heroes in Edmonds | Letters to the Editor

Heroes on Sixth Avenue Walking to Saturday Market just off of Main and, in spite of my walking sticks, caught my toe on an uneven sidewalk, resulting in a dramatic faceplant. Two... — Updated 8/10/2023


A big stink; walking, parking challenges | Letters to the Editor

The sewer odor problem south of City Park continues to plague the area. The ventilator recently placed in service has obviously failed to remedy the problem. The pumping of sewage... — Updated 8/2/2023


Letters to the Editor

Trains quiet, ferry boats loud Trains are quiet in the Edmonds Bowl. Why are the ferry boats blowing their horns at 6 a.m. on Saturday? Robert Rogowski Edmonds (Council public written comment) Columnist commended for compassionate... — Updated 7/27/2023


Ebb Tide; mayoral endorsement | Letters to the Editor

Ebb Tide access: Thousands of legal hours and counting The State Court of Appeals heard oral arguments concerning an access easement dispute on Wednesday, July 19. Owners of the... — Updated 7/20/2023


Cover-to-cover reading; support for Mike Rosen | Letters to the Editor

The Beacon Magazine: Cover to cover I just read the current edition of The Beacon Magazine. It's engaging, well-written, and has great graphics. While I usually pick and choose... — Updated 7/13/2023


Tagging solution?; a lost cause; praise for SR 99 | Letters to the Editor

Solution for tagging at Civic Field? At least for the skate park, one solution (for graffiti) could be to purposely mural the whole thing and include the boarding community so they... — Updated 7/6/2023


School Board: 'Music program not being cut at any level' | Letters to the Editor

'Music program not being cut at any level' I rely on the Beacon for my local news and am grateful for it. The article about the Edmonds School District music program was a bit edgy... — Updated 6/29/2023


Edmonds Marsh; support for mayor; online newsletter | Letters to the Editor

Dear Mayor Nelson: Why are you not responding to community volunteer requests to extend the successful stream channel restoration project along Highway 104 into the marsh? Last... — Updated 6/22/2023


Flower baskets; so many questions | Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the beautiful flower baskets Many, many kudos go to the people responsible for the beautiful flower baskets hanging throughout our downtown. Every one of them looks... — Updated 6/15/2023


Kindness; concerns for the elderly | Letters to the Editor

Kindness on the way to Edmonds Bookshop One of my projects in moving to a condo was to collect up some paperbacks and take them to the Edmonds Bookshop. Finding a parking spot... — Updated 6/8/2023


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