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Dayton Street; more taxes; | Letters to the Editor

Dayton Street needs attention We want to respond to Brian MacWhirter's letter regarding Dayton Street safety in the Oct. 7 Beacon. This all brings back memories as our kids were at... — Updated 10/14/2021


Farewell to a columnist; no answer on stormwater| Letters to the Editor

Going to miss Chuck's World Re: "All good things," Chuck's World, Sept. 30: Your column is my favorite part of the Edmonds Beacon. I'm deeply saddened to read that last week's... — Updated 10/6/2021


Redistricting; speeders; candidate support | Letters to the Editor

Questions about redistricting Re: redistricting proposal ("Could Edmonds vote with King Co.?" Sept. 23): I am ignorant of the ramifications of having my current Edmonds legislative... — Updated 9/30/2021


Questioning Beacon headline; questioning Holy Rosary | Letters to the Editor

Author article headline was misleading Why on earth would the Edmonds Beacon try to discourage people from getting a COVID vaccination with innuendo? The headline on the front page... — Updated 9/23/2021


Another view on climate change | Letters to the Editor

Climate change: It's real, but much is due to natural events The NOAA graph shown in Greg Ferguson's Sept. 2 Greener Edmonds column, "It doesn't feel like an ice age," gives one... — Updated 9/9/2021


Dangerous corner; in praise of cruise line | Letters to the Editor

Third and Caspers remains dangerous intersection I have written numerous times, in the past, about my safety concern about the intersection of Caspers Street and Third Avenue... — Updated 9/2/2021


Readers weigh in on cruise ships, portal | Letters to the Editor

The Beacon asked the readers to respond to an Editor's Note Aug. 19 reporting that the City of Edmonds has contacted American Cruise Lines about the possibility of cruise ships... — Updated 8/26/2021


Masks are back; streateries; independent voices | Letters to the Editor

Masks back on for all at Waterfront Center The recent surge in COVID infections, fueled by the delta variant, led the Snohomish County Health Department to issue the first indoor ma... — Updated 8/19/2021


Restitution; crimes of opportunity | Letters to the Editor

Canoe paddle: A smidgen of restitution Restitution, even if it's just a smidgen, feels pretty darned good. I experienced that feeling the other day as I celebrated my friend Diana... — Updated 8/12/2021


Questioning the portal; supporting street shed | Letters to the Editor

Portal will do more harm than good I've refrained from making a comment about Edmonds' bias/discrimination/hate portal until I could attempt to get several logistical questions answ... — Updated 8/5/2021


Where's due process?; Garden Tour thanks; a clear choice | Letters to the Editor

Questioning mayor's catalog of hate incidents Re: "City creates system to catalog actions motivated by hate," July 15: When a formal complaint is lodged against someone in our... — Updated 7/29/2021


Old houses; Gen-Z; outside donations | Letters to the Editor

A passion for old houses and preserving history Thank you for the delightful and informative article about Steve Christiansen's 100-year-old house on Sixth Avenue South ("A sign... — Updated 7/22/2021


Kudos for market; scoop on Halloween Howl | Letters to the Editor

Praise for Uptown Edmonds Evening Market Loved it!! So nice to have something like this within a block of my house. The Motown Jewel Tones were AWESOME! So great to see so much dive... — Updated 7/15/2021


Could Civic Park renovation not happen? | Letters to the Editor

Why is councilmember suggesting to abandon Civic Park renovation? As Edmonds citizens, it's been exciting to watch planning for the Civic Park project unfold over the years. And as... — Updated 7/8/2021


Too many long letters; tsunami; Walkable Main | Letters to the Editor

And your point is? What has happened to The Beacon's Letters to the Editor policy, limiting the number of words in these letters to 400 words? Lately, several of the letters you've... — Updated 6/30/2021


City Council mistake; dangerous traffic | Letters to the Editor

Former mayor: Dumping Salary Commission a mistake Re: "Council nixes commission that sets their pay" (June 17): As a 14-year City of Edmonds elected official, I can testify through... — Updated 6/24/2021


Fuzzy focus; Salary Commission; acronyms | Letters to the Editor

Beating ourselves up is not necessary, but ... I am writing in response to last week's letter from Tom Spear ("Focus on the future, not the past," June 3): I don't know you, so I... — Updated 6/17/2021


Info sought; remembering 6/6/44 | Letters to the Editor

Info sought on gravesite desecration My wife, Shirley Wambolt, was recently interred at Edmonds Memorial Cemetery. On June 1, her gravesite had many flower arrangements, like most o... — Updated 6/10/2021


All about City Council | Letters to the Editor

No one 'worms their way' onto City Council I am both puzzled and dismayed by Ron Bussiere's letter in last week's Beacon ("Time to open up council meetings again," May 27) that... — Updated 6/3/2021


Personal pronouns; open meetings; 5G | Letters to the Editor

In support of preferred pronouns I just have to say, from a business perspective, preferred pronouns are so helpful. Do you know how many times I went to write an email or a letter... — Updated 5/26/2021


Civic Park update; keep eyes of government | Letters to the Editor

Here's the deal on Civic Park What's the deal with Edmonds Civic Park? I found the article about grant money being applied for the renovation of Marina Park (City Briefs May 13) to... — Updated 5/20/2021


Time to get back on the dais; questioning bike lanes | Letters to the Editor

City Council: Time to get back on the dais I believe it is time for the City Council to meet in person and allow the public to attend the meetings. There are many ways to ensure saf... — Updated 5/13/2021


Should the Edmonds fountain just go away? | Letters to the Editor

Walkable Main Street: Disappointed in people Regarding Walkable Main Street survey (see story, page 1) I am disappointed that more people did not listen to the very real concerns... — Updated 5/5/2021


Squawkable Main Street; Edmonds power structure | Letters to the Editor

Calendar listings return to The Beacon Being new to Edmonds, we really enjoyed the "Community Calendar" with all the upcoming events in the Beacon each week. We could clip it out... — Updated 4/29/2021


It's Rick Steves' world; Walkable Main Street concerns | Letters to the Editor

Maybe Rick Steves has the answer Re: "Just who does Walkable Main Street benefit?" (Guest View, April 15) I sympathize with Pedro Germano's and other businesses struggling during th... — Updated 4/22/2021


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