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 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion 

Snohomish County home to billion-dollar companies | History Files

Why does it matter that Seagen is now the sixth most valuable company in Washington, and who cares other than shareholders? Would the jobs at Seagen still be as valuable if the... — Updated 10/28/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Old Blewett Pass: Hairpin turns, lovely views | History Files

Recently, former Edmonds resident Cyndi Correnti invited me to speak to her book club in Suncadia. The subject was the ghost town of Alpine, Washington. Cyndi also invited author... — Updated 10/14/2021


Finding history in Easton | History Files

Teresa A Anderson and I have been continuing to follow her father's travel journal from May 29, 1922. Herbert Anderson and Elias Gillette had driven from Queen Anne to Leavenworth... — Updated 10/14/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Following a Red Brick Road continues | History Files

On May 29, 1922, Herbert Anderson drove with Elias Gillette from Seattle to Leavenworth. Herbert took photos and documented the trip in a travel journal along the way. His... — Updated 9/9/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

An Edmonds connection: Exploring the Old Trunk Road

Did you know 84th Avenue West to Five Corners and east to Edmonds-Woodway was originally part of what was called "Trunk Road"? Stick with me. We'll get to that. It was on a Monday... — Updated 8/26/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Not just a brewpub: The sinking of MV Diamond Knot | History Files

The name Diamond Knot is familiar to many residents of southwest Snohomish County. Many are acquainted with the brewpubs in Mukilteo and Mountlake Terrace, but few know the origin... — Updated 8/12/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Chasing rail history on the Eastside | History

We spent a day chasing history. The first location was the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest. After World War II, Cleveland High School students bought 20 acres on Issaquah-Fall... — Updated 8/5/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Let's get history right | History Files

"Those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it" has become a popular phrase among apologists for the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. The actual quote from George Santayana... — Updated 7/22/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Tip: Watch the fireworks from a Washington State Ferry | History Files

On July 4th I didn't do the usual ritual of going to Civic Park to watch the fireworks show, but I did get a chance to enjoy it in another way. And I wondered how the first July... — Updated 7/15/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

A new girlfriend, and the seven dwarfs | History Files

It is truly amazing what one may find when looking in places that haven't been visited in years. In my case, it was a search for my high school yearbooks. I was looking for the... — Updated 7/8/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

2 organizations preserving Edmonds history; you can help | History Files

Edmonds has many civic, cultural, and historic assets that are usually found only in larger cities. While COVID has upset some of the organizations, most continue, such as the... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

My father's efforts during WWII | History Files

While I was doing some much overdue cleaning at my house, I found a series of photographs from the boatyard where my father had been superintendent during World War II. I was deligh... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

C.T Conover and Edmonds real estate | History Files

In the 1950s, The Seattle Times carried a column written by C. T. Conover about Seattle's early days. I don't know how often his “Just Cogitating” column ran. I suspect it may... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Railroad beginnings would eventually reach Edmonds

May is a significant month in Washington history. May 1871, 150 years ago, the Northern Pacific Railway drove its first spike in Kalama, Washington. Northern Pacific intended to... — Updated 5/20/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Life in 1889 Edmonds and beyond | History Files

In the past, I leafed through the 1889 R.L. Polk directory – which listed businesses – in the Edmonds Historical Museum. (The museum is currently closed due to the coronavirus p... — Updated 1/18/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

How the counties got their shapes | History Files

Have you visited Ferguson County lately? Maybe you just drove through and didn’t stop. Maybe the name just doesn’t sound familiar. That’s OK. Few people can rattle off the... — Updated 6/4/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Who knew? Washington's shared distinction in American history | History Files

Washington was admitted to the union Nov. 11, 1889, less than a year before Edmonds was incorporated. Every fourth grader in the state might be able to tell you that snippet of... — Updated 5/7/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Alpine and the Spanish flu | History Files

Author Mary Daheim sent me an email that her cousin Steve Shelley, who is also an author, sent her a message reminding her that during the Spanish flu in 1918-1919 Alpine,... — Updated 4/16/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Coronavirus: The stock market, 1987, and today | History Files

Back in the previous millennium, I was a stockbroker for seven years. I wasn’t a very good stockbroker because I rebelled against selling the high-profit products and that... — Updated 3/19/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

The Stanley Cup and the Spanish flu | History Files

The Stanley Cup still bears evidence of the Spanish flu, more than 100 years after the event. A couple of years ago I asked my friend Billy Gleeson to take a picture of the Stanley... — Updated 3/5/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Technology Corridor: History worthy of remembrance | History Files

Driving near Paine Field recently, I saw a sign for the Technology Corridor. I didn’t realize any of those signs still existed. For the Technology Corridor is mostly forgotten,... — Updated 2/20/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

History in perspective | History Files

In studying history, like art and architecture, perspective is paramount. An acquaintance sent me a note, probably paraphrased of what he had read in an old journal from an early... — Updated 2/6/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Lore vs. history | History Files

I have heard various people complain that the history they remember isn’t taught anymore. And to some extent that is true. Many voices had been left out of the historical... — Updated 1/30/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Our washaway coast, and the upcoming sea rise | History Files

I saw a high-school classmate posted a photo from Grays Harbor County on Facebook. It turned out to be the Moclips Hotel collapsing into the ocean. Before I read the caption I had... — Updated 1/23/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Protecting Puget Sound: The Triangle of Fire | History Files

Washington has some lovely state parks that were once a part of the coast defense system. Fort Casey on Whidbey Island was one of the forts. Also Fort Worden at Port Townsend, and... — Updated 12/5/2019


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