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Opinion / Greener Edmonds

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 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion 

Where does carbon dioxide come from? | Greener Edmonds

We hear a lot about the dangers of carbon dioxide and what it is doing to the planet. Where does it come from? Ours is a water planet, and over the history of life on earth lots of... — Updated 7/22/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Energy from the sun in Edmonds? | Greener Edmonds

Does solar make sense here? Yup. Solar technology is improving, we get more sun than one would think, and government subsidies allow pay back over relatively short periods. So,... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Plugging in: Cars powered by electrons | Greener Edmonds

The City of Edmonds Climate Change Action Plan estimates that over half of all greenhouse gas emissions here are due to transportation. Switching from a gas to a plug-in electric... — Updated 5/13/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

For Earth Day, consider tackling invasive species | Greener Edmonds

Earth Day is April 24th, a good time to help make the environment around us a bit better. There are lots of ways we can take action in honor of the day. One is to spend the day... — Updated 4/15/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Conservation: Curbing the kilowatts | Greener Edmonds

Snohomish County PUD gets most of its electricity from Bonneville Power Administration dams on the Columbia River, a clean source that produces minimal amounts of greenhouse gases.... — Updated 3/11/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

A noble idea – reduce your food waste | Greener Edmonds

Once food comes home from the grocery store what we do with it can help reduce our environmental footprint. Estimates are that about 20% of the food we buy ends up being thrown... — Updated 2/18/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

A zero-carbon footprint | Greener Edmonds

A life lived with no greenhouse gas legacy is not an easy goal to reach. But reducing output with lifestyle changes helps, and there are ways to get all the way down to net zero.... — Updated 2/11/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Greener groceries for 2021 | Greener Edmonds

There are many ways to make food buying at the grocery store more responsible in 2021. How it is packaged, what we buy, who produces it, and where it comes from are all things to... — Updated 1/2/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Warm house, cool planet, part 2 | Greener Edmonds

Installing an efficient heating system like a heat pump is one way to lower the environmental cost of keeping a house warm. Another is working with what is already there. Sealing... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Warm house, cool planet | Greener Edmonds

Heating is by far the biggest use of energy in a Pacific Northwest home. There are several main sources for this heat: oil, propane, gas, and electricity. Which is greenest? Which... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

From the sink to the Sound | Greener Edmonds

There are two systems that move water from our neighborhoods and businesses to Puget Sound. Storm drains and sewers do this, but in different ways. Sewer water gets treated along... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Bigger and better parks in Edmonds | Greener Edmonds

Edmonds has a wide variety of parks. We can shoot hoops, have a picnic, hug a tree, let the kids run wild, let the dogs run wild, stretch the legs, and swim laps. They are in... — Updated 9/3/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Less water waste means healthier rivers | Greener Edmonds

Our water comes from a protected watershed in the Cascades. Spada Reservoir is in the headwaters of the Sultan River, a tributary of the Skykomish, which is in turn a tributary of... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Yards can be friendlier to the environment | Greener Edmonds

There is a flurry of gardening going on this spring. With all the extra time and energy we have, Edmonds is going to be looking good this summer. But not only can lawns and gardens... — Updated 6/4/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Does environmental change affect contagions? | Greener Edmonds

The environment is one of the last things we might be thinking about now, but it is worth wondering about how, or if, it impacts disease and how this particular pandemic could impac... — Updated 4/16/2020


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