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Pok Pok Thai Kitchen: Perfection in Westgate

Foodies from across the Puget Sound region will be in Edmonds to try one of our newest restaurants: Pok Pok Thai Kitchen. The name "Pok Pok" comes from the sound of the pestle... — Updated 3/30/2023

 By Joe Scordino    Opinion

When will the City do the right thing for our creeks? | Guest View

The photo accompanying this column is what a local salmon-bearing stream should NOT look like. This is lower Perrinville Creek in Edmonds, now illegally blocking salmon passage... — Updated 3/30/2023

 By Bear Carpenter    Opinion 

'After a Storm, Marina Beach' | Sketching Edmonds

February winds and waves inspired this painting, “After a Storm, Marina Beach.” Dramatic water colors that day had so much to do with what was happening in the sky between the... — Updated 3/30/2023

 By Ken Reidy    Opinion 

Scrivener's errors, and why City has work to do | Guest View

Many have heard the term “scrivener’s error.” Washington State case law (88 Wn. App. 669, Halbert v. Forney) defines a scrivener's error as an unintended error or omission mad... — Updated 3/30/2023


An ignored post?; Pearl Jam supports dog park | Letters to the Editor

Another school shooting in America It has become so common in America, I guess it's just accepted as part of American life. My postings are ignored or avoided by most people. Until... — Updated 3/30/2023

 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

Memories of home | Moment's Notice

Growing up, I spent a lot of time reading. My mom would say that hours would go by and they would not see me unless they peeked into my room to find me in a corner, usually sitting... — Updated 3/30/2023

 By Rick Steves    Opinion 

Taking cues from the Inquisition | Guest View

Clothed only in confidence, his toes gripping the pedestal, Michelangelo's David seems ready and determined to step out of the Dark Ages and into a hopeful future. Completed in 1504... — Updated 3/30/2023


Displacement: Don't upzone seniors from their homes | Guest View

I recently attended a get-together where everyone was in the senior age group. Surprisingly, the conversation had two divergent topics – travel now that COVID is "over," and... — Updated 3/30/2023


Lucky Edmonds – Harvest Wonton Noodle Is Here | Arts & Appetite

For several months at the end of 2022, I would drive down Highway 99 just to see if Harvest Wonton Noodle had opened yet. I had seen the sign for quite a while, with the wonderful... — Updated 3/24/2023


Thanks for magazine article on K-9s | Letters to the Editor

Appreciates K-9 story in The Beacon Magazine Thank you for the cover story in the spring issue of The Beacon Magazine of Officer Josh Hwang and K-9 Ace! I am on the Edmonds Police... — Updated 3/23/2023

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Power plants brought – and bring – electricity to Puget Sound | History Files

My mother's parents lost their farm in the southeast corner of Montana, near Ridge, in 1924. They packed up everything they could, like "The Beverly Hillbillies," and left... — Updated 3/23/2023


Update on Ecology cleanup south of Edmonds Marsh | Letters to the Editor

On behalf of the Washington State Department of Ecology, I am reaching out to provide an update on the status of the Unocal Edmonds Bulk Fuel Terminal 0178 cleanup site in Edmonds.... — Updated 3/23/2023

 By Alan Bine    Opinion

What hat should I wear today? | You Have My Word(s)

My former colleagues at the University of Washington, where I worked for almost 25 years, had a nickname for me. They called me the Mad Hatter. Not because I was mad, I hope, but... — Updated 3/23/2023

 By Ken Marques    Opinion

Nostalgia: Fill in the (blank) | Only in Edmonds

Just for fun, I attempt to remember some of the popular jingles and radio shows of yesteryear. There are days when I wander back in time to pleasant memories. These moments bring a... — Updated 3/16/2023


Listen up: Mansplainin', Part II | Moment's Notice

“Most women do not have to think too hard about it, as we are utterly familiar.” – Yours truly, in this column two weeks ago My goodness, I certainly received a lot of... — Updated 3/16/2023


Protein, and why it is important as we age | Health & Wellness

We all hear how vital protein is for building and maintaining muscle strength as well as a healthy weight. A 2018 study by The Journals of Gerontology suggests that having adequate... — Updated 3/16/2023

 By Vivian Olson    Opinion

Top-down zoning change not needed in Edmonds | Guest View

Editor's note: This letter from Edmonds City Councilmember Vivian Olson was sent to 21st District legislators who represent Edmonds: Sens. Marko Liias and Jesse Salomon and Reps.... — Updated 3/16/2023

 By Jenna Nand    Opinion

Edmonds' charm is on the chopping block | Guest View

"When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank acc... — Updated 3/16/2023

 By Cindy Ryu    Opinion

HB 1110 does not preempt local development

HB 1110 is an act relating to creating more homes for Washingtonians by increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing. This bill... — Updated 3/16/2023

 By Alan Bine    Opinion

Overwhelmed by subscriptions | You Have My Word(s)

A long, long time ago, watching television didn't cost anything. Although there wasn't a whole lot to watch then. Every night at 11 p.m. the stations played the national anthem to s... — Updated 3/9/2023

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Old Amtrak Cascade bistro car ready for viewing | HIstory Files

Talgo 6 trainsets traveled through Edmonds on a daily basis as the Amtrak Cascades for more than two decades. And the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie was able to acquire a... — Updated 3/9/2023


Love & french fries | Letters to the Editor

Love is all around Love the Beacon! It is wonderful. Evelyn NordeenEdmonds Editor's note: No, you're wonderful. Thanks for subscribing. Limpy, greasy fries are the best Alan, it's... — Updated 3/9/2023

 By Ken Marques    Opinion

Courage personified; I think I can | Only in Edmonds

Within our Village of Goodness resides a lady who by her character is a constant blessing to those of us who are privileged to know her. Courage is one of many character traits she... — Updated 3/9/2023

 By Karen Barnes    Opinion

The huge benefit of small connections | Guest View

When I was a child I, like many children, was taught not to speak with strangers. Once, as a second grader, I found myself separated from my parents while on a family trip to the Ch... — Updated 3/9/2023


Bold action needed on climate change | Guest View

Climate action has never been more critical. Heat stress, wildfire smoke, flooding, and drought pose increasing risks to our community. Despite the City of Edmonds’ efforts to... — Updated 3/2/2023


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