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A timeline for in-person learning | Guest View

While I hoped to introduce myself to the community in person when I started my role as the Edmonds School District superintendent on July 1, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed my... — Updated 8/19/2020

 By Jenny Murphy    Opinion

Fall fashion 2020: The apparel show must go on | Off the Cuff

With the advent of September, Fall Fashion 2020 will show up in the stores, virus or no virus. All new fashion seasons reveal clearly defined trends and items. Online style and... — Updated 8/19/2020

 By David Brewster    Opinion

Summer reading: Recommendations from Edmonds Bookshop

Tumult and uncertainty have rendered this a summer unlike any previous. In the before-times, we would take up comfort reading during the long daylight hours, seeking vacations from... — Updated 8/19/2020


Going postal: Good noise pollution | Moment's Notice

In 1989, the U.S. military went into Panama to extract an installed dictator, Manuel Noriega. There is much to this story that every American should know, but that is another... — Updated 8/19/2020


Don't close beaches; an objection | Letters to the Editor

Please do not close the beaches down Re: "Mayor threatens to close beaches," Aug 6: As longtime Edmonds residents, we really appreciate the waterfront and we often walk from the... — Updated 8/19/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

What I did on my summer vacation | Chuck's World

We would have stayed home this summer, pandemic or not. It’s what we do in the summers, and we have reasons. And the biggest one is that, after nearly 40 years of living in... — Updated 8/19/2020


Acrimony, contract lapses hampering City politics | Our View

Eight months into a new Edmonds City Council – with a new mayor, four new members and three incumbents – how’s it going? There are growing pains, as expected, as new councilmembers settle into their roles as legislators, and... — Updated 8/19/2020


Major changes are needed in our institutions | Guest View

We are writing on behalf of members of the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. In our faith tradition, we are committed to the inherent worth and dignity of every person and equity and compassion in human relations. This... — Updated 8/19/2020

 By Mike Nelson    Opinion

We have work to do | Mayor Mike's Corner

While thinking about what I wanted to share with you this month, I considered talking about the challenges we still face in stopping the spread of COVID-19. But long after COVID-19... — Updated 8/19/2020


Where to eat outside during a pandemic? | Arts & Appetite

August marks stricter rules about in-room dining at our local restaurants – now only people from the same household can sit together inside in a restaurant and with a max of five... — Updated 8/18/2020


Big tech, remote learning, the fence issue | Letters to the Editor

A love letter to Amazon and Apple Say what you want about big tech. How Amazon and Apple are crushing small business. But a huge factor in their success is their exceptional... — Updated 8/6/2020

 By Marni Muir    Opinion

Behind the scenes: On the Fence art project | Guest View

Editor’s note: The Edmonds Arts Commission (EAC) has received several inquiries regarding its newest On the Fence temporary art installation at Civic Park. Arts Commission Chair Marni Muir wrote this column to address questions a... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Less water waste means healthier rivers | Greener Edmonds

Our water comes from a protected watershed in the Cascades. Spada Reservoir is in the headwaters of the Sultan River, a tributary of the Skykomish, which is in turn a tributary of... — Updated 8/5/2020


Welcome home – home again | Home Again

Most people who rent apartments move on at some point, for one reason or another. A one-year or two-year lease ends, and the rent becomes month-to-month, little thought given to... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

No silver bullets, just silver linings | Chuck's World

Whatever this is, I've been doing it for five months now. And so have you, obviously. While the "same storm, different boats" concept is also obvious, five months is enough time... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Maggie Fimia    Opinion

Defunding the police: What could It mean? | Guest View

Brutality by some in the police force is not new, but the overwhelming demand for meaningful institutional change to overcome this gives me hope. However, calls for defunding the police as the answer gives me pause. So far, there... — Updated 8/5/2020

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Another ('Welcome') sign of the times | Editor's Note

You may be wondering what happened to the City’s plan to replace the iconic “Welcome to Downtown Edmonds” gateway sign placed prominently on the grassy southern entrance to Fifth Avenue South. The answer shows the glacial... — Updated 8/5/2020


Scandalous music of the generations

Paul: Hey Emily, I happened to catch a re-run of the fundraiser “A Concert for COVID-19 Relief” the other night. The telethon megaconcert featured a bunch of big-name Northwest musicians, including Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile... — Updated 7/29/2020


An intergenerational clarity | Moment's Notice

"History has its eyes on you." – Lin Manuel Miranda, from "Hamilton" That line, said my 12- (nearly 13)-year-old goddaughter, Olivia, represents where we are as a nation today,... — Updated 7/22/2020


A recipe for sartorial success | Off the Cuff

Selecting new clothes for a wardrobe is a lot like grocery shopping for a week of meals, although grocery shopping is usually easier and takes less time. For either activity, if in... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Do androids dream of electric viruses? | Chuck's World

Forty years ago, as I walked across a theater parking lot, preparing to see "The Empire Strikes Back" and pretty excited about it, my companion was also pretty excited. Even though... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By Kim Archer    Opinion

The future of Edmonds – and a vision | Guest View

The future of cities is undeniably moving towards to a more environmentally sustainable model of operation. Cities and towns must foment a better working relationship between the natural and human environments. As part of this,... — Updated 7/16/2020


Praise for police officer; a beekeeper's plea | Letters to the Editor

Officer Shoemake an asset to the community I am writing to express my gratitude for Officer Tabatha Shoemake's willingness to be interviewed for the Edmonds Beacon ("Being a Black... — Updated 7/16/2020

 By Jenny Murphy    Opinion

Walkable Main Street a wolf in sheep's clothing | Guest View

Mayor Nelson, City Council members, and others: I am writing you once again to help keep you informed about current downtown retail responses to the Walkable Main Street project... — Updated 7/16/2020


Racism takes hold in Edmonds | Our View

In his year as student representative, Zach Bauder has remained mostly silent at Edmonds City Council meetings when he and councilmembers are asked to speak – or not – on anything that may be on their minds. On Tuesday, Bauder... — Updated 7/16/2020


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