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 By David Brewster    Opinion

Bookselling in phases | Fresh Reads

First and foremost, we hope that everyone in Edmonds continues to stay safe, and that you live your lives with devoted attention to current health recommendations. Doing otherwise... — Updated 5/21/2020


An earlier quarantine: Polio, Nazis, and me | Guest View

At age 8, my brother was hospitalized with polio symptoms. The diagnosis came between the beginning of the Truman administration and the end of World War II. Next door to us in... — Updated 5/21/2020 Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

As our nation turns its lonely eyes to Matt | Chuck's World

I finally saw "Contagion," which everyone seemed to be watching about six weeks ago. Or maybe it was six months ago. How long has it been? I've already forgotten the days of the wee... — Updated 5/21/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Who knew? Washington's shared distinction in American history | History Files

Washington was admitted to the union Nov. 11, 1889, less than a year before Edmonds was incorporated. Every fourth grader in the state might be able to tell you that snippet of... — Updated 5/7/2020


The grandeur of the Carnegie Library and Princess Theater | Home Again

I remember dozens of Edmonds destinations I favored when I was a child. We moved to Edmonds when I was 7. That’s when my Edmonds memories began. What place in town did I love near... — Updated 5/7/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

We're all George Jetson now | Chuck's World

Three things blew my mind before the age of 8. They were dumb things, in retrospect, but let's give the kid a break and the old guy his due. I've been around long enough to see... — Updated 5/7/2020


Missing ECA; new mural?; and doggie doo | Letters to the Editor

Can't wait to return to Edmonds Center for the Arts Re: "We're leaving the light on for you," Guest View, April 16: Thanks for embodying the Edmonds community spirit. We look forwar... — Updated 5/7/2020


Burn, rave, rage: Understanding the feelings | Moment's Notice

“Rage on. It’s A-OK,” said my friend/sage to me this morning, as I apologized for some strong reactions to this new normal. March, April, May, all with days under a stay-at-ho... — Updated 5/7/2020 Full story

 By Mike Schindler    Opinion

A silent war for your mind, body and spirit | Veterans Corner

Our nation has been in some form of war or conflict for decades. Most know only of the wars they see on the television or read about, but there are conflicts waged behind closed doo... — Updated 5/7/2020 Full story

 By Pat Valle    Opinion

Random acts of kindness, but also bullying | Guest View

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." – C.S. Lewis The new "normal" that is our daily lives is definitely something we are all ready to leave behind. But... — Updated 5/7/2020 Full story

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Warning: Column may contain salty language | Chuck's World

Google knows what I'm up to. This shouldn't be a surprise, although I'm always surprised. Of course, any search engine worth its salt will recognize patterns, including (and maybe... — Updated 4/23/2020


It's not you or me. It's you and me | Moment's Notice

It's not you, it's me. That flippant phrase, "It's not you, it's me," typically applies to those painful one-sided breakups, where one person wants to end the relationship and the o... — Updated 4/20/2020

 By Joe Mclalwain    Opinion

We're leaving the light on for you | Guest View

In a recent letter to patrons, Edmonds Center for the Arts Executive Director Joe Mclalwain shared a message of hope and inspiration amid the global COVID-19 crisis. Recognizing... — Updated 4/16/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Does environmental change affect contagions? | Greener Edmonds

The environment is one of the last things we might be thinking about now, but it is worth wondering about how, or if, it impacts disease and how this particular pandemic could impac... — Updated 4/16/2020

 By Jenny Murphy    Opinion

After the restrictions – seasonless fashion | Off the Cuff

When the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and shops and stores gradually reopen, and we as consumers venture out into a forever changed world, three fashion seasons will be... — Updated 4/16/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Sunday in the store with me | Chuck's World

I woke up on Easter morning last week, completely unprepared for a miracle. I guess that's a little obvious. Miracles are pretty much always surprises, by definition. I was awake... — Updated 4/16/2020


Rituals; park issue | Letters to the Editor

A new ritual for Edmonds? The coronavirus episode has left many yearning for social interaction. Social distancing was meant to create physical separation, and it seems to be... — Updated 4/16/2020

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Alpine and the Spanish flu | History Files

Author Mary Daheim sent me an email that her cousin Steve Shelley, who is also an author, sent her a message reminding her that during the Spanish flu in 1918-1919 Alpine,... — Updated 4/16/2020


Are park signs discriminatory? | Letter to the Editor

I know we have weighty issues in today's virus environment, and I thank Edmonds and Snohomish County for its valiant efforts to keep us safe and informed. While I applaud the... — Updated 4/14/2020


Why I subscribed to the Beacon | Home Again

I suppose my fears and anxieties pretty much mirror yours. No one has dealt with such a menace as the coronavirus, a rampant, widespread disease for which no cure exists – yet.... — Updated 4/7/2020 Full story


Where my coronavirus payment is going | Letter to the Editor

Social isolation provides time to think and read of the plight of others much less fortunate. There are many items I could spend $1,200 on, but none that I NEED. How this money,... — Updated 4/5/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Fading colors, sudden waves, surprising hope | Chuck's World

I honestly can't remember my marriage vows. It was a quick wedding, impromptu even, although as I recall it was conventional. I don't think I agreed to anything untoward. There coul... — Updated 4/2/2020

 By Maria Montalvo    Opinion

Settling in, or taking out | Arts & Appetite

As we all settle in under the statewide stay-at-home order and do our best to stay home to stay healthy, eateries across the region are making sure everyone can still enjoy restaurant meals at home. Since we cannot dine together... — Updated 4/2/2020


Coronavirus mimics climate politics | Guest View

Coronavirus and climate policies are different sorts of problems. Because citizens have varying risk perceptions about these issues (their immediacy and threats to personal well... — Updated 4/2/2020


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