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 By Carrie Hulbert    Opinion 

What Ed! is doing to support Edmonds businesses and residents | Guest View

As we all know, the past 16 months have been a challenge for our downtown business community, and Ed! (Edmonds Downtown Alliance) – an organization created for, funded by and over... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Nancy Ekrem    Opinion 

Forced to withdraw from retirement accounts | Money Matters

We're always being reminded to save for retirement in tax-advantaged accounts like 401(k)s or IRAs. But did you know the government does an about-face and forces us to take money... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Joe Heller    Opinion 

Signs of a wealthy man | Joe Heller

Editorial cartoon for June 17, 2021, by Joe Heller... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

Sign of the times: Van life | Moment's Notice

A few months ago, I met up with a former student who had been spending most of the pandemic driving across the States, seeing the country, and making money driving for Instacart sin... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion 

The choreography of caution | Chuck's World

We’ve been putting out little fires for a few weeks, my community of friends, manageable trauma for the post-pandemic era and not unexpected. Some are desperate to hand out... — Updated 6/17/2021


Fuzzy focus; Salary Commission; acronyms | Letters to the Editor

Beating ourselves up is not necessary, but ... I am writing in response to last week's letter from Tom Spear ("Focus on the future, not the past," June 3): I don't know you, so I... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion 

2 organizations preserving Edmonds history; you can help | History Files

Edmonds has many civic, cultural, and historic assets that are usually found only in larger cities. While COVID has upset some of the organizations, most continue, such as the... — Updated 6/17/2021

 By Daniel Johnson    Opinion 

Waterfront Center: Who, what, when, where, why | Guest View

During the pandemic, like many families, we got a puppy. One of the most difficult things to teach a puppy is “wait.” You put the delicious bowl of food on the floor then ask hi... — Updated 6/17/2021


Driven to abstraction at Cascadia | Arts & Appetite

A lot is happening at Cascadia Art Museum. Over the past year, the museum has expanded its permanent collection, expanded its reach across the art world (from New York City to... — Updated 6/14/2021

 By Mack Benek    Opinion

An Edmonds icon in bright spring

It was spring of last year when sketched the North Sound Church on Bell Street. Trees and plants were just beginning to bud. The late afternoon sun lit up the bright white of the... — Updated 6/13/2021

 By Joe Heller    Opinion

Beacon editorial cartoon for June 10

The Beacon's editorial cartoon for June 10, 2021.... — Updated 6/11/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The one about the tin cup | Chuck's World

About 10% of us are different from the rest of humanity in a number of ways. Or, to be a little less obscure, there are a variety of conditions or states that occur in human beings... — Updated 6/10/2021


Info sought; remembering 6/6/44 | Letters to the Editor

Info sought on gravesite desecration My wife, Shirley Wambolt, was recently interred at Edmonds Memorial Cemetery. On June 1, her gravesite had many flower arrangements, like most o... — Updated 6/10/2021

 By Richard Suico    Opinion

Edmonds Library: Fully open, as busy as ever | Librarian's Desk

I am happy to start sharing how the library is transitioning to a post-pandemic world with ramped-up services and the gradual process of reengagement with the community. For some... — Updated 6/10/2021

 By Susan Paine    Opinion

Timeline: In-person council meetings | Guest View

Editor's note: When will City Council members return to in-person meetings? Workplace safety, and community safety are the top priorities, said Council President Susan Paine. Along... — Updated 6/10/2021


I love, therefore I am | Moment's Notice

One of my all-time favorite jokes is about Rene Descartes and his famous words, “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes arrives at a party and is welcomed by the host, who is very... — Updated 6/9/2021


All about City Council | Letters to the Editor

No one 'worms their way' onto City Council I am both puzzled and dismayed by Ron Bussiere's letter in last week's Beacon ("Time to open up council meetings again," May 27) that... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Funny people need friends too | Chuck's World

I keep thinking about lists, although not at all the modern kind, the click-bait listicles about the 14 ways to spice up your spice rack (number 8 will make you hot). No, I’m... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

My father's efforts during WWII | History Files

While I was doing some much overdue cleaning at my house, I found a series of photographs from the boatyard where my father had been superintendent during World War II. I was deligh... — Updated 6/3/2021

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Energy from the sun in Edmonds? | Greener Edmonds

Does solar make sense here? Yup. Solar technology is improving, we get more sun than one would think, and government subsidies allow pay back over relatively short periods. So,... — Updated 6/3/2021


Vinbero builds on the traditions of The Cheesemonger's Table | Arts&Appetite

Monday was a very good day. For the first time in nearly two months, my husband and I and mom enjoyed a French onion grilled cheese sandwich, a turkey brie, and bowls of smoky tomat... — Updated 5/30/2021

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

The persistence of comic vision | Chuck's World

Years ago, at one of the many lifetime achievement ceremonies for famous people of a certain age, Elaine May said something interesting about the honoree, her erstwhile comedy... — Updated 5/26/2021


Personal pronouns; open meetings; 5G | Letters to the Editor

In support of preferred pronouns I just have to say, from a business perspective, preferred pronouns are so helpful. Do you know how many times I went to write an email or a letter... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

C.T Conover and Edmonds real estate | History Files

In the 1950s, The Seattle Times carried a column written by C. T. Conover about Seattle's early days. I don't know how often his “Just Cogitating” column ran. I suspect it may... — Updated 5/26/2021

 By Kal Taylor    Opinion

Follow Karl Stern's lead | Guest View

While reading about the Educators of the Month honored in April ("Edmonds School District educators honored," May 20), I was particularly inspired and excited about the creative... — Updated 5/26/2021


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