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 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion 

Trivia time: presidents and vice presidents | History Files

I was looking through my old files to find something that I could post on the "Remembering Alpine Washington" Facebook page. I found an old interview granted by Mary Daheim. I also... — Updated 5/26/2022


A solution to the ferry problem | Letters to the Editor

Bring back fired ferry employees I'm a newbie to being an Edmonds resident and an oldie to being a ferry rider. Living on the Seattle side most of my life while enjoying the Kitsap... — Updated 5/26/2022

 By Ken Marques    Opinion 

Learning in the wonderful age; generous Edmonds | Only in Edmonds

Some of us have binder-size calendars with 1-inch squares that we cram with appropriate times and addresses so as not to miss an appointment. This worked well for years until a few... — Updated 5/26/2022

 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

Spring: The Summer Market, and brunch options | Arts & Appetite

Ah, spring in the Pacific Northwest! Such a beautiful time of year – more flowers than seem possible are blooming all around us and the sky is more often blue than gray. Each... — Updated 5/26/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion 

How to make solar work in Edmonds | Greener Edmonds

How can solar be a significant part of energy supply in Edmonds? An important natural resource needed for solar is space. Only so much sun energy hits the ground. As a result of... — Updated 5/26/2022


Finding the right words | Moment's Notice

I was lucky to grow up with two parents who challenged my use of language and encouraged me to analyze what others said. When I was just 11, my parents gave me a thesaurus (yes, I... — Updated 5/18/2022


Sun, vitamin D, and you | Health & Wellness

If you are like me, you are lamenting the lack of sun and warmth this spring in the Pacific Northwest. I feel as if the sun comes out with its shining rays and warmth to tease me a... — Updated 5/18/2022


Biased coverage; 'camping' ordinance | Letters to the Editor

Homeless ordinance coverage felt one-sided I'm taking the time to write you to share my dismay in reading the latest Guest Views and Letters to the Editor on the homeless vote that... — Updated 5/18/2022


Remembering a time: When will it stop? | Guest View

We watch the news and see children in Ukraine clutching their favorite toy as they are forced to leave home. They and their parents are fleeing from the advancing Russian army. And... — Updated 5/18/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Our changing oceans | Greener Edmonds

Ours is a water planet. Seventy percent is ocean and, when seen from space, we are a blue-and-white marble. What happens in the oceans is important to us land dwellers – and not... — Updated 5/18/2022

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

The history of Edmonds – as I learned it | History Files

I moved to Edmonds in April 1988. Most of what I thought I knew of Edmonds history was taken from what my four daughters learned in third grade history at Edmonds Elementary. The... — Updated 5/17/2022


Classic breakfast in Edmonds – for generations | Arts & Appetite

Generations of residents from Edmonds and beyond have lived in a world with breakfast at Pancake Haus. That is what happens when a restaurant that established itself more than 50... — Updated 5/13/2022

 By Bear Carpenter    Opinion

Twilight time is the best time | Sketching Edmonds

This painting represents my favorite time of day to paint, twilight time. Edmonds is taking my twilight liking to another level with the combination of the sky and the water. The... — Updated 5/12/2022


Camping in Edmonds; Roe v. Wade | Letters to the Editor

Find strategies that help, not harm Dear Councilmember Chen: I am dismayed by your authoritative tone. You are focused on so-called "enforcement tools," instead of people's lives... — Updated 5/12/2022

 By Ken Marques    Opinion

A happy ending in Downton Edmonds | Only in Edmonds

Those of us who’ve been around the block a few times remember the two words on the silver screen … “THE END.” Or, for a Bugs Bunny cartoon, “That’s all, folks.” Most... — Updated 5/12/2022

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Mother's Day | Editor's Note

I wasn't going to write a Mother's Day story. But this year was different. It's hard to appreciate Mother's Day when you're a little kid. It's only as you age that, if you're... — Updated 5/12/2022

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion

Snohomish County, and its coaching tie to the U-Dub | History Files

I mentioned a few weeks ago that celebrated local author Mary Daheim had died. She had been the voice for the ghost town of Alpine, Washington, a title I have inherited. I also... — Updated 5/5/2022

 By Priya Sinha    Opinion

Is the City criminalizing poverty, mental illness in Edmonds? | Guest View

I am writing about proposed Public Ordinance 5.70, Unlawful Occupation of Public Property. The sole purpose of the ordinance is to criminalize poverty and mental illness in... — Updated 5/5/2022

 By Strom Peterson    Opinion

Proposed homeless ordinance is not enforceable | Guest View

Dear Mayor Nelson and City Council: I am writing to express opposition to the proposed ordinance regarding unlawful occupation of public property. As your state representative, form... — Updated 5/5/2022

 By Ken Marques    Opinion

Forgetting the name of an equine hero, among other things | Only in Edmonds

I was browsing in the Edmonds Bookshop looking for history of American Western frontier heroes when my mind wandered off into la-la-land. Heroes in my day rode horses. Roy Rogers,... — Updated 5/5/2022


Out-of-control streets, wharf | Letters to the Editor

Edmonds streets are out of control My experiences downtown crossing the streets in marked crosswalks left me feeling invisible, angry, and mean on Saturday. Three events were... — Updated 5/5/2022


When home is not a home | Moment's Notice

“Homelessness is not a choice, but rather a journey that many find themselves in.” – Dr. Asa Don Brown Like many of us, travel is a magical escape, an opportunity to see the... — Updated 5/5/2022


Public comments; public 'camping' | Letters to the Editor

Public comments are public record I am writing in support of council continuing to allow written public comments printed in the public record. I have appreciated being able to... — Updated 4/28/2022

 By Ken Marques    Opinion

Small mistakes, and perhaps a Mariners game this summer | Only in Edmonds

You may be familiar with the story of the two old men setting upon a village bench when one said to the other: “Ii is Thursday, is it not?” The other gentleman responded,... — Updated 4/28/2022

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Here come the all-electric houses | Greener Edmonds

The road to a healthier, safer life, and planet starts right at the front door. The new, modern, all-electric house does not rely on flammable fuels, does not produce toxic... — Updated 4/28/2022


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