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Now open: Do you Katsu? | Arts & Appetite

What meal would be at the top of the list of most comforting, satisfying, and beloved in the U.S.? Probably a burger, fries, and a shake. What could make this all-American favorite... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

A change in political climate? | Moment's Notice

"We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools." – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When we talk about the climate these days, it is the political... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion 

This is us, Thanksgiving edition | Chuck's World

After a long, chatty call with my daughter the other night, she mentioned that it was time for her nightly routine. She and my son-in-law apparently do the New York Times crossword... — Updated 11/24/2020


Soccer; kindness vs. change; Waterfront Center | Letters to the Editor

Sno-King soccer is still going on We were saddened to hear of the staffing reduction at Sno-King ("Sno-King Youth Club cuts 2 positions," Nov. 19). So many kids have gone through... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion 

Warm house, cool planet, part 2 | Greener Edmonds

Installing an efficient heating system like a heat pump is one way to lower the environmental cost of keeping a house warm. Another is working with what is already there. Sealing... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Mick Hoffman    Opinion 

School sports, activities needed more than ever | Guest View

Ever since I was lucky enough to become the executive director at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, I've told our staff and membership that we are in the... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Lauren Davis    Opinion 

COVID, police reform, race equity on agenda | Guest View

I am profoundly grateful to the voters of the 32nd Legislative District for reelecting me to a second term in the State House. It has truly been the honor of my lifetime to serve... — Updated 11/24/2020

 By Michael Gold    Opinion

Chores: They just never end | Off Kilter

We all have our daily chores to do. I am always joking with my wife about whether doing our daily chores actually accomplishes something – or whether it is an exercise in... — Updated 11/19/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

It takes a village, and maybe power tools | Chuck's World

The first noise was the worst, although I was asleep. This raises a sort of empirical question: If a horrific, tearing, crashing sound occurs outside your window and you’re uncons... — Updated 11/19/2020


Food Bank open; questions on the Port | Letters to the Editor

Edmonds Food Bank remains open Our goal at Edmonds Food Bank during COVID-19 is to protect our volunteers and customers above all. We want to thank Edmonds United Methodist Church f... — Updated 11/19/2020

 By Finn Gaaras    Opinion

Edmonds needs a nature center | Guest View

The citizens of Edmonds are blessed with some of the most beautiful parks and areas to view wildlife. From Yost Park to the Edmonds Marsh, Pine Ridge Park to Brackett's Landing,... — Updated 11/19/2020

 By Paul Archipley    Opinion

We're here to tell your stories

Dear reader, Department of Fish & Wildlife trackers and their dogs had cornered the mountain lion up in a tree, and were waiting for a veterinarian to arrive with a tranquilizer gun. The mountain lion, also known as a cougar or... — Updated 11/19/2020 Full story


An ode (of sorts) to the First | Moment's Notice

Ode: A lyric poem usually marked by exaltation of feeling and style, varying length of line, and complexity of stanza forms; something that shows respect for or celebrates the... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By Jenny Murphy    Opinion

So many colors, so little time | Off the Cuff

Color has been seen everywhere in fashion this year, so if you like to wear color, 2020 has certainly been your year. Recently I was checking in a large delivery of winter hats,... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

'Schitt's Creek': Following the crowd, finding some light | Chuck's World

I have unremarkable taste in everything, which should come as a surprise to no one. And when it comes to culture, I only pretend to march to a different drummer. It’s usually the... — Updated 11/12/2020


Questions about Beacon's subscription model | Letters to the Editor

End of era for Beacon carriers In regards to the Beacon moving to a digital and USPS delivery: I'm really sad that we are taking this job away from our youth. My son has been... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By John Brock    Opinion

Be responsibly informed, Woodway | Guest View

Several years ago, a local resident built a private email list made up of a large number of Woodway residents' personal addresses. Since then, he has been sending messages to his... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By Marjie Fields    Opinion

Should city give forest land to developers? | Guest View

Do you enjoy driving beside the trees along Olympic View Drive in the Perrinville area? Did you know that major development is being planned for the 5-acre plot known as the... — Updated 11/12/2020

 By Jana Hill    Opinion

Share your comfort food with us | Creative Comfort

Mmm, pandemic pancakes – but, wait, let me back up a bit. It is that time of year when comfort foods are not just a good idea, they’re a necessity. Warm, melt-in-your-mouth delectables that sound just right when temperatures... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Greg Ferguson    Opinion

Warm house, cool planet | Greener Edmonds

Heating is by far the biggest use of energy in a Pacific Northwest home. There are several main sources for this heat: oil, propane, gas, and electricity. Which is greenest? Which... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Chuck Sigars    Opinion

Consider the lilies of the pond | Chuck's World

To be completely clear, I am uninterested in most things. I don’t have passionate feelings one way or the other. I don’t often talk or write about these things. This is because... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Anna West    Opinion

Can trees and views coexist in Edmonds? | Guest View

I was born and raised in Edmonds. At 10 years old, a trip to the AM/PM for an overcooked hot dog was pure joy. At 16, a job at Anthony's Beach Cafe provided freedom and... — Updated 11/5/2020


Appreciates the Edmonds Beacon | Letters to the Editor

Appreciates the Beacon's contributions My husband and I have sent on our subscription online, "The Beacon invites you to partner with us for a sustainable future," Oct. 15. It is... — Updated 11/5/2020


Leftcraft joins Edmonds' growing pub culture | Arts & Appetite

When Leftcraft, a new gastropub, opened its doors in August, Edmonds gained one more location to add to our very respectable pub crawl. Our community already has a diverse... — Updated 11/5/2020

 By Brian Soergel    Opinion

Your news, daily and weekly | Editor's Note

As Beacon Publisher Paul Archipley explained on page 1, the Beacon is going back to weekly publication beginning with this issue. We're excited to bring the news to you in print... — Updated 11/5/2020 Full story


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