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 By Paul Archipley    Opinion 

Stop the madness; there are too many guns | View From Here

My wife wants to buy a gun. She isn't a Second Amendment defender or supporter of gun rights organizations. She's not interested in hunting or target shooting or some other... — Updated 12/8/2023

 By Peter Kelley    Opinion 

Football slapstick at Pine Street Playfield | Back in Edmonds

It’s a crisp fall afternoon in maybe 1970. I am running full speed for a pass in a pick-up flag football game at Pine Street Playfield. I’m in the clear and really hitting the... — Updated 12/7/2023

 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion 

The chicken runs – again – at midnight | History Files

Editor’s note: This is an update of one of Tim Raetzloff’s most popular columns. The chicken runs at midnight. This isn't ancient history. Much more recent. It dates from 1992,... — Updated 12/7/2023


Kudos to theater critic; Edmonds losing 'small-town feel' | Letters to the Editor

Appreciates Beacon's theater critic I enjoyed reading the theater review in Karen Bennett Herr's new column ("The Phoenix Theatre serves relatable and seasonal fun," Nov. 30). What... — Updated 12/7/2023

 By Maria A. Montalvo    Opinion 

Amanda Knox: 'We are more than the worst thing that has happened to us' | Arts & Appetite

"We are more than the worst thing we have done," is a phrase Amanda Knox heard when serving time in prison in Italy for a crime she was later exonerated for. "We are more than the... — Updated 12/7/2023

 By Deborah Jacobsen    Opinion 

Neighbors in need: Unite against hunger amid rising costs

Food is a lifeline. It nourishes, comforts, and brings communities together. But what do you do when access to food becomes uncertain? Many families are grappling with this question as they make difficult decisions about... — Updated 12/7/2023


The new place to be (and eat) in Edmonds | Arts&Appetite

One of the newest additions to the Edmonds food scene, Kazoku, has only been open for a couple of months, but it has definitely been discovered – and for all of the right... — Updated 12/6/2023


What of the Edmonds Marsh; actions, not words | Letters to the Editor

Will developers obliterate the Edmonds Marsh? Former Councilmember Dave Teitzel recently wrote a column in the Beacon about the city of Edmonds' current financial difficulties and... — Updated 11/30/2023

 By Theresa Hollis    Opinion

Should Edmonds get into commercial property development?

Editor's note: Theresa Hollis has created a poll on the Landmark Property: https://tinyurl.com/373em8n4. She plans to present to councilmembers during their Dec. 5 meeting. The... — Updated 11/30/2023

 By Dave Teitzel    Opinion

Why Landmark Property purchase should not be pursued | Guest View

On June 27, the City Council approved the pursuit of the potential purchase of the 10-acre Burlington Coat Factory parcel on Highway 99 – now known as the "Landmark Property." I... — Updated 11/30/2023

 By Joan Bloom    Opinion

Landmark 99 property should be voted down | Guest View

Please end consideration of the "Landmark 99" property, for the following reasons. Landmark 99 site constrictions (1) Limited access to the property will create a burden to... — Updated 11/30/2023

 By Alan Bine    Opinion

What the world needs this Thanksgiving | You Have My Word(s)

If only we could have a change of heart. Not all of us, of course. Just the too many who believe the world is an impossible mess and continue with a stream of negative doomsday phil... — Updated 11/23/2023

 By Jim Miller    Opinion

Misleading Medicare Advantage ads: What to look out for | Savvy Senior

Dear Savvy Senior, I’m currently enrolled in original Medicare but have been thinking about switching to a Medicare Advantage plan during the open enrollment period. Many of the M... — Updated 11/21/2023


Support the Edmonds Theater; support students in need | Letters to the Editor

Support the historic Edmonds Theater We live in an exceptional town. Just take a walk along the waterfront on a sunny day, greeting your neighbors. Stop by the beautiful new... — Updated 11/21/2023


Smiling leads to happiness | Health & Wellness

As we enter the busy holiday season, many of us may be feeling stressed, anxious, and lonely. An easy way to combat these feelings and help to increase our mood is the simple act... — Updated 11/21/2023

 By Steven Li    Opinion

Thank you, from Habitat for Humanity | Guest View

As we step into this Thanksgiving week, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the countless ways you have participated in our journey to foster housing stability and build... — Updated 11/21/2023


Edmonds City Council has no appetite for climate action | Guest View

With a 5-2 vote on Nov. 14 (councilmembers Susan Paine and Jenna Nand dissenting), the Edmonds City Council has, once again, decided that a climate crisis will not factor into its budget. With only a few days’ warning of a... — Updated 11/21/2023

 By Alan Bine    Opinion

(You've got a) ticket to ride | You Have My Word(s)

A lot of people around here seem to have an aversion to riding public transportation. Especially light rail. Even when they don't have a car. Sound Transit seems to be betting... — Updated 11/16/2023

 By Chuck Wright    Opinion

Drivers: Keep lights on for safety | Darn Wright

Driving west to an appointment on 128th Street SE in Mill Creek in a foggy area, I noticed all cars but three, all white ones, had their lights on. I knew the oncoming lights were o... — Updated 11/16/2023


Kudos to Mayor Mike Nelson; government lacks experience in property development | Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Mayor Nelson, for your dedicated service During this busy holiday season we all need to stop for a moment, reflect, and thank Mayor Mike Nelson for his years of... — Updated 11/16/2023


What can keep us together – or apart? | Moment's Notice

Cleave: verb cleaved, or also clove/cleaved, cleft, or cloven To separate or divide, or cause something to separate or divide, often violently; to cut or break into two or more... — Updated 11/16/2023

 By Dave Teitzel    Opinion

Priorities: An open letter to Edmonds residents | Guest View

Note: These comments are my own and do not represent the views of City Council as a body. City Council is now deep in the process of development of the 2024 City of Edmonds budget,... — Updated 11/16/2023

 By Nick Maxwell    Opinion

16% of new vehicles in Edmonds are electric | Climate Action

In the third quarter of 2023 (July-September), 16% of new Edmonds vehicles were electric, according to Climate Protection Northwest, a research and training organization in Edmonds.... — Updated 11/16/2023

 By Bill Trueit    Opinion

Mining: Lots of energy, water, and rock | Earth Matters

During the Christmas holiday season last year, over $900 million was spent on gifts in our country. Most of those gifts had one thing in common: mining. When we purchase a product... — Updated 11/9/2023

 By Daniel Johnson    Opinion

Overcoming your 'comfort zone' for your own health | Guest View

Congratulations! You are retired. No more alarm at 0'dark thirty. No commute. Travel, golf, and matinee movies – you now own your schedule. You have earned it. Time to dial it... — Updated 11/9/2023


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