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 By Tim Raetzloff    Opinion    October 17, 2019 

I'll take 'why should read history,' Alex | History Files

"You have no chance of winning. You are too old and your reflexes are too slow. These young people will all be faster." Such was the cheerful advice of Alex Trebek at dinner. One of the perks as a...


Election endorsements, CRISTA, bike lanes | Letters to the Editor

Editor's note: The following letter, which ran last week, had an incorrect headline. Because of that, we are running it again, in addition to the response to the letter. The Beacon apologizes for the...


Origin Stories: 'I Am Edmonds' | Moment's Notice

“The single biggest problem of communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw The City of Edmonds Diversity Commission recently asked Edmonds’ residents to write... Full story

 By Brian Soergel    News    June 18, 2019

Mayoral, council candidates speak out on Waterfront Connector

In advance of this week’s City Council meeting, where councilmembers pondered the future of the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector, the Beacon sent a question to the eight candidates running for... Full story


The connector, the connector, the connector | Letters to the Editor

An alternative to the Waterfront Connector Let’s save $25 million! I have a great solution that will make everyone satisfied. My wife is a physician assistant with experience in emergency medicine. For a comparable salary, she could just work an...


There’s a time and place for Thin Mints l Chuck's World

A friend on Facebook posted something funny the other day. I say friend; this is an acquaintance, really. But she seems friendly. The post wasn’t actually funny. That was the intent, though, so...

 By Brian Soergel    News    October 29, 2018

Who will be going to D.C.?

In addition to sending candidates to Olympia to serve in the state Legislature, Edmonds voters will have the opportunity to vote on who will serve in the House of Representatives representing the 7th Congressional District, as well as in the U.S....


Seeing the tree, not the forest l Chuck's World

I’ve made this mistake many times. I continue to make it. The benefits of aging, which are underappreciated in my opinion and mostly center around still being alive, come bundled with hidden dangers. Experience and education are tools that grow...


Helping to solve the educational diversity gap

In a state so obsessed with fighting President Trump and seeming progressive, perhaps it’s time we take a look inward at ourselves, particularly at our school districts. Washington state has among the largest gaps between the number of students of...


What three indie stores would you miss? | Art Town

Have you been to downtown Edmonds lately? In the past few years? It is transforming itself daily. There is not an empty storefront to be found. Take a snapshot of Edmonds and place it next to the defi...


Letters | Councilmember apology, Port election letters

Councilmember apologizes for email solicitation Dear readers: I would like to apologize and assure you that I rescinded my request for the city's online email list. Like you, I was shocked by the notice that your information would be made public... Full story


Letters | Steves, high rents, the arts

We just need more Ricks I don’t think the average Edmonds citizen realizes how much need there is right here in our community for no-income- and non-income-type affordable housing. We tend to think of Edmonds as an area of only higher-middle and...


When truth sits in the wrong seat | Chuck's World

A friend and I used to hit the road every summer. The first trip was spontaneous and then routine snuck into the backseat, so warm weather would arrive and our thoughts turned to the highway. I sometimes refer to these as camping trips, although the...


The Pursuit of Happiness

In the interests of full disclosure and transparency, both of which I take very seriously most of the time, it should be noted that the publisher of this newspaper owns a T-shirt that I covet.... Full story

 By Brian Soergel    News    October 27, 2016

Council president: ‘Mayor ought to be reprimanded’

Several Edmonds city councilmembers are voicing their displeasure with Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling, who they say is overstepping his authority in interfering with the future of the Edmonds Marsh. On Oct. 21, Earling sent a letter to the Department of...


Mukilteo: A home like no other | MukFest

Mohuwa Wahid, a sixth grader at Explorer Middle School, is the winner of Beacon Publishing's seventh annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her contest-winning essay here. -Ed. Mukilteo is my...


There will be mud | Chuck's World

I’m not particularly interested in this year’s general election, which is not to say that I’m uninterested. Just not particularly. That is, I pay a lot of attention to it. I just don’t feel...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    June 15, 2016

The Miranda mile | Chuck's World

I don’t think about luck. Don’t know, don’t care. Nothing looks like luck to me anymore. It just feels weird. I’ve had several weird moments recently. The one I’m going to tell you about... Full story


Try flank steak for Father's Day | Chef Dez

Flank steak is one of my favorite cuts of beef for the barbecue because it offers big beefy flavor and is extremely tender when cut and prepared properly. Due to the fact that there are many people wh...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    May 13, 2015

Blazing a fashion trail | Chuck's World

I work from home, which a lot of people do. I can tell you the advantages and disadvantages, as they could. Sometimes it’s a wash. But I’m a big believer in cumulative effects, the results that...


What gets you up in the morning? | Art & Appetite

In an unending effort to improve the selection of books at my bookstore, I sift through thousands each month. Every once and a while something really cool comes along. I liken it to mining – you... Full story


What I saw at the revolution | Chuck's World

My parents gave me a watch as a high school graduation gift in 1976. It was a conversation piece, that watch, and very cool, using LED lights and an integrated circuit chip, and probably produced by...


Sunset Avenue is a gem, not a diamond in the rough | Guest View

This is an open letter to Mayor Earling and the Edmonds City Council: As I walked down Sunset Avenue on Friday, I felt like there had been the death of an old friend, one that I will mourn forever. The last few nights have been very emotional for so...

 By Chuck Sigars    General    July 23, 2014

The lady who stayed | Chuck's World

Phil and Betsy, friends of ours, take a week nearly every summer and travel to Ashland, Ore., where they rent a cottage, spending their days hiking and their evenings submerged in the offerings of...

 By John Pierre    General    June 26, 2014

5 stars for a place you don’t want to be | Constant Curmudgeon

Once again I feel motivated to share my feelings about how lucky we are to have a first class hospital right here in Edmonds. I don't know if hospitals have a star rating such as hotels, but Swedish Edmonds, in my opinion, is definitely a 5-star...


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