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A sweet meow, and a new life | Like a Girl

Sometimes life’s sweetest moments sneak up on you. When I lived in Taiwan in the late ’80s, I noticed how differently folks there treated pets. Hardly anyone had a cat. After... — Updated 4/21/2022

 By Manya Vee    News

Laurie's tree, and helping the community

It began with a tree. This particular tree, in Laurie Barrow's front yard, inspired 200 homes in a single neighborhood to donate thousands of pounds of food and thousands of... — Updated 4/10/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Scraping my knees, and learning along the way | Like a Girl

Change. We all hate it. Especially when it scrapes our knees along the ride. Yet change can be so breath-taking, as well. Spring brings big changes to view every day. Trees seem to... — Updated 3/31/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

A mother's identity, usurped | Like a Girl

What mother would not want her new son-in-law to cook for her? Mine. It was decades ago. I had just returned from living in Asia. I had a newly minted fiancé in tow. It was... — Updated 3/24/2022

 By Manya Vee    News

Jeri Hamilton: The force behind Edmonds Art Festival's Junior Art exhibit

And it all sprang from her mind. The seeds were planted during Jeri Hamilton's seventh grade art class in rural Ellensburg, a town with very little art exposure at the time. "I... — Updated 3/3/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Never let a man dominate me | Like a Girl

Growing up on a farm has its advantages. For one thing, there’s plenty of room to play. Imagine building trails to a secret fort in the middle of the cornfield, climbing trees,... — Updated 2/24/2022

 By Manya Vee    News

Sam Christensen: A crusader for de-stigmatizing obesity

Who doesn't want to lose that spare tire around the middle? But why is it so difficult? Obesity is the most common chronic disease in the country. Nearly 43% of adults and almost... — Updated 2/17/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Ruts, and leaving the trench | Like a Girl

Ruts. We all get into a rut from time to time. Sometimes for a very long time. After all, they’re comfortable. They feel safe. They’re reliable. As we travel that well-worn rut... — Updated 2/10/2022

 By Manya Vee    News

Edmonds is for the birds. So is Susie Schaefer

Do you have a favorite birdsong? One of the extraordinary characteristics of Edmonds is its natural beauty. Visitors and residents alike regularly comment on the trees, the water,... — Updated 2/7/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Pushing through in spite of the darkness | Like a Girl

Aren’t lilacs lovely? While gazing out my kitchen window recently, I noticed some buds fattening up on a bush just outside it. This shook me out of my winter torpor enough to... — Updated 1/27/2022

 By Manya Vee    News

Friends of the Edmonds Library president spreads love of libraries

And you thought the library was just about books. Liz Morris knows it's so much more. These days, she heads up the Friends of the Edmonds Library to make sure we all know just how m... — Updated 1/13/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Kindness isn't for suckers | Like a Girl

Is kindness for suckers? It's a good question. Why not? It's January. That time of year for reflection. And while I know that all may profess publicly that kindness is a virtue, I... — Updated 1/6/2022

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Is it better to give? | Like a Girl

Editor's note: Here is the first of an occasional column by Edmonds resident Manya Vee. It's better to give than to receive. We all know the saying well. All religions address it... — Updated 12/22/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Edmonds Toy Shop pivots to deal with COVID

Christmas elves don't exist. Or do they? This holiday, the local food bank's Edmonds Toy Shop will serve 367 families with around 900 children. Presiding over this logistical feat... — Updated 12/16/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Helping the world understand hearing loss and deafness

Edmonds resident Angeliki Pedersen's illustrated book, "The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree," shows us how to understand and interact with deaf children. In the story, a... — Updated 12/9/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Claire Beach: More financing needed for safe technology law for students

As a media teacher for many years, the now-retired Claire Beach saw the power of media to manipulate children's minds long before many of the rest of us. For example, the Edmonds... — Updated 12/2/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Taking on the world by taking on menopause

Menopause. Do you dread it? Or do you welcome it? The hot flashes. The night sweats. Who wants any of that? Yet it seems beyond our control to do anything about it. But is it? I've... — Updated 11/23/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

When tragedy struck, stubborn willpower took over

When a debilitating disease strikes, you can lie down and roll over. Or, you can do what Meara Steele does. It's 1994. You're 19. You're in college. The future looks bright. You... — Updated 11/23/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Rita Ireland reveals Edmonds' history of one feisty woman

One feisty Edmonds woman of today reminds us of another feisty woman from 100 years ago. It was 2018. The 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right, to vote... — Updated 11/11/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

What's the value of motherhood? Bad bosses inspire book

Ask any person to describe motherhood, and you might hear – and imagine – a string of images like dirty diapers, screaming toddlers, and putting dinner on the table. And, though... — Updated 11/7/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Debby Grant solves her retirement conundrum

In the end, it was her knitting that did the job. With retirement looming and free time available, Edmonds resident Debby Grant mused about how best to use that extra time. She... — Updated 11/4/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Leanne Shelton: Still dancing after all these years

Have you ever done the can-can? Leanne Shelton does it every year. Her dancing lessons began at age 5 in a Ballard dance studio. Two years later, her mother signed her up for the... — Updated 10/29/2021

 By Manya Vee    News

Worldwide travel company changed the life of Edmonds retiree

What do quiet Edmonds and the steamy climes of Africa enjoy in common? Anne Kutay. An avid reader, she escaped her sleepy Ballard childhood through books. She fueled her vivid imagi... — Updated 10/21/2021

 By Manya Vee    Schools

Relentless optimism: Teaching in the age of COVID

School opens in Edmonds, at last! But not without anxiety. Questions abound. How will school in Edmonds be different this year with a pandemic still raging? Will wearing masks be a... — Updated 9/27/2021

 By Manya Vee    Opinion

Lets talk REAL issues

Editor: As each election season rolls around in Edmonds, I keep hoping that genuine, open discussion of our citys problems will take place. Once again, I'm sadly disappointed. The... — Updated 10/15/2009


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