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 By John Pierre    General    August 14, 2014

Give me an ‘oldie’ every time | Constant Curmudgeon

I've touched on this before, so I hope this is not too repetitious. Some of you know that I'm a great lover of movies. I have a collection of DVDs that numbers slightly over 3,000, and I've viewed every one of them several times. They are...

 By John Pierre    General    August 7, 2014

Modern city with hints of the past | Constant Curmudgeon

When we first moved here, Edmonds was kind of a cross between a rural community and suburbia. Now, it has grown to be almost entirely suburban. We used to have animals of all descriptions here and there throughout our township, but they have all but...

 By John Pierre    General    July 31, 2014

Heroes for a day, rascals forever | Constant Curmudgeon

Another kid story? Aaaarrrggggh! Oh well, what the heck. Why not? Nobody is obliged to read it. I usually write about my brother Dan and me. Though there were eight kids in our family, Dan and I were almost like the Bobbsey Twins. We did everything...

 By John Pierre    General    July 24, 2014

Thrill of fireworks for experts only | Constant Curmudgeon

The Fourth of July is past and gone. With a few exceptions, like driving down to Edmonds beach to watch the experts blow up some fine fireworks, fireworks have become a thing of the past. Our young people won't ever get the chance to celebrate th...

 By John Pierre    General    July 17, 2014

Fiasco was not Founding Fathers’ intention | Constant Curmudgeon

I can only wonder if there is such a thing (person) as an honest politician. Are they all crookeder than a dog's hind leg? I suppose there must be a very few in one of the three branches of government; legislative, judicial or executive that... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    July 10, 2014

Outta the way soccer fans, Hawks arriving soon | Constant Curmudgeon

Football season is almost upon us! Yeee Haaawwww! For those of us who love football, the first pre-season game in August will be a happening. Our World Champion Seahawks have a tough year ahead. The so-called experts claim our Hawks are faced with...

 By John Pierre    General    July 3, 2014

It’s no mystery: local novelist has the knack | Constant Curmudgeon

There is another reason why we, in Edmonds, have much to be thankful for. We have a brilliant, highly talented author in our midst. No, she's not from Edmonds exactly, but her roots are here and she has had a few book signings locally at the... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    June 26, 2014

5 stars for a place you don’t want to be | Constant Curmudgeon

Once again I feel motivated to share my feelings about how lucky we are to have a first class hospital right here in Edmonds. I don't know if hospitals have a star rating such as hotels, but Swedish Edmonds, in my opinion, is definitely a 5-star...

 By John Pierre    General    June 19, 2014

TV news feeds the beast | Constant Curmudgeon

On June 10, there was a shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon… a suburb of Portland. As is the usual procedure for network television reporters, the tragic incident was given nationwide coverage for the majority of that day and with...

 By John Pierre    General    June 6, 2014

A sub standard that’s exceptional | Constant Curmudgeon

I have written, from time to time, about restaurants either new to the area or that I thought provided exceptional service, good food and a friendly atmosphere. I haven't, however, spent any time writing about fast food operations either in or...

 By John Pierre    General    May 29, 2014

‘Profit’ is not a dirty word | Constant Curmudgeon

What in the world is happening to this land of the free and home of the brave? It appears to me that we are becoming more and more divided as each year passes by. It would be easy enough to point a finger at who is responsible, but I think it goes de...

 By John Pierre    General    May 15, 2014

Five Corners is Dead!  Long Live No Corners! | Constant Curmudgeon

Thanks to the insistence of the new, expensive and wasteful project thinker-uppers on our City of Edmonds staff, construction of the useless "roundabout" at Five Corners is fully underway. I suspect that businesses close to that intersection...

 By John Pierre    General    May 8, 2014

Garbage mail: wasteful… and ironic

What a waste. Every single day of our lives, we find piles of garbage mail in our mailbox. It's not only a waste, it’s stupid. Except for some of the unwanted and unsolicited material that utilizes recycled paper, the cost of producing this...

 By John Pierre    General    May 1, 2014

A fair trade: You play, we educate

What's this nonsense about some college football players wanting to unionize? What I'm hearing is that they want payment for their athletic efforts. Is it possible that they have lost their awareness of the value of a football scholarship?...

 By John Pierre    General    April 24, 2014

…and if you believe that, want to buy a bridge?

Some advertising agency from years gone by, anxious to create more advertising dollars, apparently created the thought that repetition is necessary to effective advertising. Probably there is a modicum of truth in that, but it appears that it has... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    April 17, 2014

High times could lay us low

Congratulations Washington. We have the dubious distinction of being one of only two states in the Union, at this writing, to have legalized the sale of "recreational" marijuana. And we are "comforted" by being assured that the sale o...

 By John Pierre    General    April 10, 2014

Which side are you on?

I'm guessing that a large percentage of us consider ourselves to be winners. But... are we? I ran across a piece a few years ago that pretty well spells out whether or not we are winners. I don't know who authored the writing, so I can't...

 By John Pierre    General    April 3, 2014

Not a lot of geniuses take up crime

By popular demand, another kid story. As I mentioned in a previous column, my brother Dan and I were incorrigible scamps. While we had our good times rafting through the swamps adjacent to the Deschutes River, we were nasty little scoundrel on other...

 By John Pierre    General    March 27, 2014

Loose lips can still sink ships

Do TV broadcasters care about the consequences of their various presentations or are they simply motivated by the need for a story? I listened recently to Judge Jeanine Pirro expounding for a full hour upon the dangers to America if some terrorist... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    March 20, 2014

Party-line capers and other tomfoolery

What's it like to be a kid? I was once a kid, believe it or not, and I have some pretty fair memories of life in the days when we had crank-'em-up phones on a party line with six or eight neighbors willing and anxious to listen in on... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    March 13, 2014

Who’s the big dog on the block?

Who is the big dog on the block? Russia invades the Ukraine and nothing is done about it other than, like a little boy when one forefinger makes a forward motion over the other we say, "Naughty naughty." Our country and the feckless United... Full story

 By John Pierre    General    March 6, 2014

Popular eatery has reopened, tasty as ever

Most of the good folks in Edmonds know about Claire's. If not, I would be surprised in that the restaurant has been around since Moses was a pup. Well... almost. The original Claire's was opened in 1968 just off Aurora at 185th. As time went... Full story


Enough with the alarmists, already

What's all this talk about "climate change?" First it was "global warming" and then, because there wasn't any warming trend, it became climate change. I've lived through a few climate changes in my short time on this...


If it sounds too good to be true, well, you know…

What ever happened to "truth in advertising?" Or was there ever any such honesty in radio and television ads? The ads in question are repeated many times during any 24-hour period and are, with a very few exceptions, blatantly false. One...


Coming soon to an intersection near you: disaster

Congratulations, Edmonds. Our government, in its custodial brilliance, keeps frittering away money we don't have and ignoring areas where moderate expenses are needed. We managed to find funds, some of which are by way of a grant, to foul up... Full story


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