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 By John Owen    General    July 3, 2014

Let freedom Hot Diggity Dog! ring | Intermediate Eater

One of our great grandsons, Connor, will be 4 years old on the Fourth of July. It’s not fair! When I was a kid there was an unwritten rule that you were allowed to set off 10 firecrackers for each birth year you were celebrating. I learned that...

 By John Owen    General    June 26, 2014

Sweet, sweet Texas; anyone have a beef with that? | Intermediate Eater

No wonder natives of Texas eat so much meat. A seafood diet in a Texas Gulf coast community could produce a sugar flush, possibly leading to obesity and tooth decay. That suspicion was confirmed during a trip to Houston. A fishing column in the...

 By John Owen    General    June 19, 2014

Peachy breakfast for Little Merchants | Intermediate Eater

When we moved to Edmonds, the Beacon was delivered weekly to our front door by a lad of 12 or 13. Now, like many residents, we pick up a copy at one of the sidewalk boxes. But the Beacon management still encourages volunteers to create a route of... Full story

 By John Owen    General    June 6, 2014

A good time to wing it – if it’s after 9… | Intermediate Eater

You might describe Edmonds as a laid-back, late-rising community, as a "sleepy-time town." That's because we are all entitled to sleep until 9 a.m. Look on your real estate title or rental agreement. Among other things, they guarantee...

 By John Owen    General    May 29, 2014

A delightful replacement for the fortune cookie | Intermediate Eater

Don't get me wrong. I like Chinese food. I even like Chinese-German cuisine although -- according to the old joke -- two hours later you are hungry again -- for power. My only complaint with Chinese food is that the average seven-course meal...

 By John Owen    General    May 22, 2014

Kick council’s butt; let them eat chicken | Intermediate Eater

I can visualize Mayor Earling waving goodbye to his wife as he leaves for the office. “Busy day?” she is liable to ask. “Yeah,” he might reply. “I’ve got to kick some butt on the City Council.” And I can guess how you might react, if yo...

 By John Owen    General    May 15, 2014

GI feel like some SOS & beer? | Intermediate Eater

Just for old times sake, I sometimes revisit a computer search engine with the intriguing site listing "What the Army recruiter failed to tell you." I doubt if many members of Edmonds VFW Post 8870 would believe it if they read it. For starte... Full story

 By John Owen    General    May 8, 2014

A pea patch that’s plenty productive

Wow, you should see the buckets of strawberries I harvest each summer. I also get a bumper crop of green beans. Just when I finish up my asparagus, the new potatoes are just the right size. And my corn and tomatoes usually do OK, despite the...

 By John Owen    General    May 1, 2014

Trending toward multi-generational cooking

If there is a glaring deficiency in my education and social skills, well no wonder. You see, I was a product of the Great Depression. In practical terms, that meant that during my formative years I attended five different grade schools and lived in... Full story

 By John Owen    General    April 24, 2014

View glass fishing float finders with suspicion

Mr. Owen, My wife and I were enjoying a leisurely breakfast this morning at Chanterelle's in downtown Edmonds, and we were reading your article in the Edmonds Beacon concerning the lack of glass fishing floats turning up on the Washington/Oregon...

 By John Owen    General    April 17, 2014

Custer’s last meal?

Just wondering. Who is carrying the coolest shopping bag in Edmonds? Plastic bags are positively uncool. Brown paper bags lack distinction. My wife shops carrying a scenic cloth bag advertising the "Puget Sound Bird Fest in Edmonds." Can anyb... Full story

 By John Owen    General    April 3, 2014

Tasty cod in Copalis, but no glass balls

Well, I'm certainly sorry. But it is the role of journalists to disclose the immorality, injustice and inhumanity of our time and civilization. So, much as it pains me, truth demands an expose of The Great Northwest Coast glass ball swindle and... Full story

 By John Owen    General    March 20, 2014

Trout without the Toonerville Trolley

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a choo-choo fanatic, but I have enjoyed train trips across this country, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany and aboard troop trains in this country and Japan. My favorite travel book is Paul Thereoux'...

 By John Owen    General    March 13, 2014

Beware star system lest your taste buds be toast

Partial to ethnic food? You're living in a culinary wonderland, in Snohomish County. In one week on the town you can "eat" Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Japanese, Italian, French and German. But a lot of local residents hesitate... Full story

 By John Owen    General    March 6, 2014

Toast the twins with a Sons of Eire supper

New generation sports fans unfamiliar with the O'Brien twins might be advised to think "Russell Wilson" times two. It's not a far-fetched comparison. Because Eddie and John O'Brien were baseball standouts in Perth Amboy, N.J.,... Full story

 By John Owen    General    February 27, 2014

A super dish in any part of the globe

It would not be far-fetched to suggest that John Badgley probably returned home after Super Sunday with a few extra kyats in his wallet. No, the Edmonds resident was not in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium when the Seahawks and Broncos kicked it off... Full story

 By John Owen    General    February 13, 2014

A sex test that really is full of beans

As far as we know, sex-testing does not seem to be a significant factor in the gold-medal tabulations from the Winter Olympics. It could be that the IOC staff was equipped with scientific evaluations never achieved before. I think they had spies in...

 By John Owen    General    January 30, 2014

Why stew about weighty matters?

The players scurried out the dressing room door, clutching equipment bags or cases. They nodded and smiled when congratulated by spectators exiting into the parking lot. They hadn't defeated the San Francisco 49ers, but they gave Till... Full story

 By John Owen    General    January 22, 2014

Boating through history toward… breakfast!

I spent formative years in Great Falls, Montana. So if somebody mentioned "The Boys in the Boat," I might have guessed they were talking about Lewis and Clark. Different boys. Different boat. Yet when I was employed in the sports department o...

 By John Owen    General    January 16, 2014

Chasen’s Chili: Cure for the common (and uncommonly) cold

It's a perverse indulgence. In past years, my wife and I survived snow storms, icy roads and sub-zero temperatures in Montana and North Dakota. We are now happy as clams in Edmonds, but can't resist the daily impulse to grab the morning...

 By John Owen    General    December 31, 2013

You don’t have to go to Nebraska for this blockbuster stew

I was hoping to catch the movie at a local theater, but Bruce Dern was chased out of town by an assemblage of Thor, Ronin, Anchorman Two, Justin Bieber, Peeta and the Hobbits. So we drove halfway to Seattle to catch the film at the Oak Tree Cinema....

 By John Owen    General    December 24, 2013

Some New Year recipes to be shaken, not stirred

How do residents celebrate New Year Eve in Edmonds? No, soapsuds in the fountain are neither recommended nor endorsed, even though this midnight ritual might give the community a squeaky-clean reputation. Instead, it is recommended that the...

 By John Owen    General    December 18, 2013

God bless us, every hen

It's my favorite part of the story, "A Christmas Carol." Scrooge throws open the windows on that bright winter morning and shouts, "Boy! Are you there boy?" "Me sir? "Yes, you. What day is this?" "Lov,... Full story

 By John Owen    General    December 4, 2013

Hot thoughts for the hungry

Whew! The things that go on in Edmonds. It's strenuous, sometimes sensuous, with a generous portion of aqua motion. The local police haven't busted the place, and in fact have turned a blind eye to the fact that behind the walls of Harbor Squ... Full story

 By John Owen    General    November 20, 2013

Smarts aside, here’s something to gobble up

Would it surprise you to learn that a barnyard pig is smarter than a thoroughbred horse? There I go, getting into trouble again. I think it started when I suggested the Edmonds Saturday Market would be a better place without dogs. That suggestion... Full story


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