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Edmonds vs. the PNW | Askew View

I am not a native to the PNW. I will never be a lifer. I came here from decades in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, and sparkly, smoggy Los Angeles. However, my roots are Midwestern, born and raised in Chicago. This gives me a unique... — Updated 3/2/2019


A Pacific Northwest problem | Askew View

When my kids were younger and we were living under the sunny skies of Scottsdale in Arizona, I would tease them about the difference between real problems and “Scottsdale” problems. For example, a desperate cry from a naked... — Updated 7/19/2018 Full story


Swip, chip, bit: I’ll take cash | Askew View

I am old. I know that. And I swore to never complain about the “youth of today,” but I need to say something and I want to be clear. We still use paper money and coins in this country and, therefore, if you are going to work... — Updated 6/15/2018 Full story


Toy guns: Reasonable judgment, hyperbolic rhetoric | Askew View

“Mom, he’s got a gun!” I hear my 17-year-old son, Levi, scream from the den where he’s doing his homework. I race to him faster than a cheetah pursuing a wildebeest. When I get to the den, Levi’s sitting on the couch,... — Updated 5/2/2018


The Girl Scout cookie controversy | Askew View

Full disclosure: I was never a Girl Scout. I will admit to a short stint as a Brownie. But I really couldn’t stand how bossy Angelise Haralumbus was and since her mom was the troop leader, I gave it up pretty quickly. Plus... — Updated 4/10/2018


31 flavors, but only 2 count | Askew View

I am the opposite of a creature of habit. I never buy the same laundry detergent twice. I switch breakfast cereals each time I replenish my supply. I have never repeated the same nail polish color within a two-month span. But... — Updated 2/18/2018


I can quit anytime | Askew View

I’ve always hated going to the dentist. It’s painful and awkward, and they constantly ask you questions when you can’t answer because their hands are in your mouth. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten worse. The tarter... — Updated 2/7/2018


‘Scromiting’: Weed’s new malady | Askew View

Have you noticed your teen compulsively taking hot showers or baths lately? Has he been complaining of abdominal pain, nausea or unexplainable vomiting? Well, there’s a new syndrome in town that’s hard to recognize and... — Updated 12/22/2017


Askew View

Debra Rich Gettleman is an award-winning journalist, playwright and actor. She is a community organizer in Edmonds.... — Updated 12/7/2017


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